Can the hotel be released?

Definition of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is a product between daily underwear and sexual supplies. The main function is to enhance emotion and irritation.Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is more sexy and exposed, showing women’s figure and lines more charming, higher comfort, and higher aesthetic value.

The purpose of the hotel room

Generally speaking, hotel rooms are considered a place for temporary accommodation for temporary living in business and tourism.Hotel rooms are equipped with some basic daily necessities, such as beds, wardrobes, bathrooms, televisions, telephones, etc., but can it be placed in the hotel room?Let’s take a look at relevant regulations.

Regulations on the management of hotel rooms

According to the "Tourism Hotel Star and Evaluation Standards" issued by the National Tourism Administration, hotel rooms need to be cleaned, disinfected and correctly modified to ensure that each guest can enjoy a clean and hygienic accommodation environment before check -in.

Development of diversified services in hotel rooms

With the continuous development of the tourism industry, hotels have gradually expanded their business scope and launched more service items, such as SPA, massage, KTV, etc.In these service projects, hotels sometimes provide female guests to use sex underwear to improve the quality of the service, but this situation is rare.

Refined management of hotel services

Modern hotels focus on service quality, starting from the needs of guests, and continuously improve the service forms and content of service to meet the needs of guests.Some large hotels place sexual products, sexy underwear and other products in designated areas or restaurants to facilitate the purchase and experience of guests, but generally do not put them in the room.

It is forbidden to place items in the hotel room

In the hotel room, prohibiting guests from selfish items is the basic requirement for ensuring the safety and hygiene of guests.Therefore, guests need to comply with hotel rules and regulations, and shall not place illegal products such as dangerous goods, flammable items, drugs, drugs, etc. in the room.

The effect of placing sexy underwear in the hotel room

Putting sexy underwear in the hotel room may have a certain impact.If the guests use sexy underwear parts in the hotel room, they may pollute hotel supplies such as sheets, towels, bathrobes, etc., affecting the use of the next guest.Therefore, some high -end hotels do not provide such products, and guests should not bring their own sexy underwear without authorization.

Hotel’s attitude and management of sex underwear

Because of the particularity of sexy underwear, some hotels do not provide such products, but actively guide guests to consume healthy consumption.For those who secretly bring them into the room, once they discover, the hotel will take corresponding management measures, and those with severe circumstances will even be invited to leave the hotel.

in conclusion

In summary, hotel rooms are not suitable for placing sexy underwear.This is not because of the discrimination of sexy underwear, but because the hotel room is a public place, which needs to be neat and hygienic, and sex underwear may bring certain risks to the neat and hygiene of the room.At the same time, it is also recommended that consumers abide by hotel regulations when they stay in the hotel to use the facilities and services provided by the hotel to avoid any unnecessary trouble and disputes.

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