Sex underwear close -up shooting slow lens

Sex underwear close -up shooting slow lens


In today’s society, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular with women.In addition to adding fun, there are certain occupational needs. For example, models or actors need to wear sexy underwear performances or take photos, so it is particularly important for the close shooting of sexy underwear and the display under slow lens.In this article, we will introduce the close -up shooting of sex underwear from multiple perspectives and the display under the slow lens.

Precautions before shooting

Pay attention to the following points before shooting sexy underwear to facilitate better results:

-Cousting the control effect and light of the camera.

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-Che carefully select the shooting scene and background.

-Cathe the appropriate shooting angle to maximize the display of sexy underwear.

Different types of sexy underwear shooting characteristics

Different types of erotic underwear need to take different shooting methods to facilitate the best display of their characteristics:

-Bei Woman Lover: Need to highlight the unique sexy and beautiful underwear, and it is suitable for shooting with silk or gauze fabrics.

-The sexy underwear: It needs to highlight the sexy elements of underwear. It is suitable for shooting with low collar and chest pads. At the same time, some small accessories can be added as embellishment.

-Cado underwear: Need to highlight the erotic elements of underwear, suitable for shooting pink or red fabrics, and at the same time, you can also add some sex accessories, such as boots, lace gloves, cat eye masks, and so on.

-European and American Inflection: It needs to highlight the high -level, natural and delicateness of the underwear, and it is suitable to use black or white as the main color to shoot.

Influence of light


Light is one of the most important aspects of sexy underwear, because it can make the color and texture of sexy underwear more beautiful and real.Using the right light can make sexy underwear more beautiful when shooting.Pay attention to the following points in terms of lighting:

-Ad using natural light to achieve better results.

-If need, you can use special lights, such as anti -light boards, soft light, and so on.

-S not to use excessive light to avoid giving underwear or skin over whiteness.

Model’s pose

When shooting sexy underwear, the posture of the model is also very important.Using different postures can achieve different effects:

-At a positive posture can show the main styles and characteristics of the underwear.

-Chete -by -side posture can show the three -dimensional sense of underwear, making people look more layered.

-Chete -by -sucking posture can display the plackets and collar characteristics of the underwear, and it can also make the model’s body look more slender and slender.

Depth of field control

The depth of field refers to the clear range of the picture, which directly affects the shooting effect.Reasonably control the depth of field can achieve better results:

-Alizhuang Shen can make the characteristics of underwear more obvious and prominent.

-The overall depth of field can make the picture look softer and natural.

Post -processing

Later treatment is one of the indispensable steps for shooting sex underwear.It mainly includes the following aspects:

-The adjustment of the screen exposure, light and dark, saturation, color tone, contrast, etc., make the picture look more beautiful and beautiful.

-Cap to the screen and repair to improve the quality of the picture.

-Add special effects on the screen to increase the charm and attractiveness of the picture.

Details you need to pay attention to when shooting

When shooting sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following details:

-Pay attention to the degree of cleaning the camera to avoid dust or spots on the screen affecting the aesthetic effect.

-For models wearing glasses, you can apply some anti -light potions before shooting to avoid reflection.

-In attention when shooting, pay attention to the beauty of the model. If the skin exists in flaws, you can use makeup to cover up.


Shooting sexy underwear is a very interesting thing, and it is also a challenging thing.Only by accurately mastering the shooting skills and attention, can the sexy underwear truly show its beauty and charm.