Sexy lingerie show three o’clock 2018

Sexy lingerie show three o'clock 2018


As a special underwear style, sexy underwear has recently become more influence in the women’s market.With the increase of young women’s consumer groups, the sex underwear market has emerged.This year, what are the highlights of the sexy lingerie show in 2018?Let’s take a look.

The first highlight: lace sexy underwear

As a classic style in the sexy underwear industry, lace sex lingerie has always been popular.This year, major brands have also launched a lot of new models, using lace lace with different colors and different textures to create more exquisite lace sexy underwear.

The second highlight: split sex underwear

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Speak sex underwear is a more popular style this year.This underwear can show women’s beautiful legs and increase the sexy temperament of women.Most split sexy underwear uses lace or silk texture, which is comfortable and beautiful.

The third highlight: hollowing fun underwear

Plums and fun underwear are another popular style of this year.Unlike his interesting underwear, this underwear exposes the skin of women through cutting and design, increasing the charm of women.

The fourth highlight: stockings sex underwear

As a variant of sexy underwear, stockings sex underwear has also received much attention this year.This underwear style usually integrates sexy underwear and stockings, both sexy and stylish.

The fifth highlight: high waist -fun underwear

High -waisted color underwear is a popular style this year. This style of underwear waist is high and can cover women’s lower abdomen parts.In this way, women do not have to worry too much about their physical problems after putting on underwear, which increases comfort and maintains sexy.

The sixth highlight: even body sex underwear

Even body sex underwear is a very special sexy lingerie style.This style of underwear connects the upper and lower parts together, further highlighting the curve and proportion of women’s bodies.While showing women’s sexy, it also increased personalization and fashion.


Seventh highlight: lantern sleeve sexy underwear

Lantern sleeve erotic underwear is a very popular style in recent years.This underwear combines traditional design with trendy elements, allowing women to show their sexy and have a unique sense of fashion.

Eighth highlight: metal pornographic underwear

Metals such as gold and silver have become one of the very popular underwear colors in autumn and winter this year.Compared with the traditional black, white and pink sexy underwear, these colors are more fashionable and avant -garde.


In general, this year’s sexy underwear show, lace sexy underwear, split sexy underwear, hollowing fun underwear, stockings sexy underwear, high -waist sexy underwear, body sexy underwear, lantern sleeve sexy underwear and metal erotic underwear.The style has different highlights, which better meet the needs and preferences of different women for sexy underwear.I hope that each woman can find one of them in these styles.