The tender model is sweet and sweet wearing black silk erotic underwear

Red sexy underwear is not charming enough

Sweetan wearing a black sexy underwear today and black stockings are very charming and charming.Compared to the red erotic underwear worn before, sweetness believes that black is more mysterious and sexy.

Pure black cover is not good enough

However, sweetness also found that pure black sexy underwear is not good enough. If you accidentally go out, it will still be a bit awkward.Therefore, when choosing black sex underwear, be sure to see clearly and transparency.

Different styles are suitable for different occasions

There are many different styles and styles of sexy underwear, some are suitable for relaxing at home, and some are suitable for use in sexy parties or dating.It is very important to choose the corresponding style according to different occasions.

The charming effect of sexy half cup

Sweet I like half -cup sexy underwear, especially with lace lace.The design of the half -cup can not only show the charm of the chest, but also maintain a certain sense of mystery, which is very suitable for the desire of the other person.

Wearing G-String is more tempting

In addition to sexy underwear, G-String is also one of the sweet and love sexy underwear.Putting on G-String can highlight the hip curve more, and at the same time make yourself feel more confident and tempting.

The transparent effect needs to be carefully selected

Some sexy underwear is transparent, and "vaguely reveals" more seductive.However, choosing transparent sexy underwear needs to be cautious, especially in public to avoid embarrassing situations.

Deep V neckline is more tall

When choosing a sexy underwear, consider your body and neck lines. If your neck is longer, you can try to choose the sexy underwear of the deep V -neckline, which is more tall.

Lace lace increases cuteness

Sweetan believes that some sexy underwear with lace lace is very cute and playful, making them look more moving.Of course, this also needs to be selected according to your temperament and style.

When buying sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to comfort when buying

In addition to styles and colors, you should also pay attention to comfort when choosing sexy underwear.After all, sexy underwear needs to be worn all night. If it is uncomfortable, it is a waste of one night.

Conclusion: In addition to sexy, we must be healthy

In the end, what is sweet and wants to emphasize that when choosing a sexy underwear, we must also pay attention to the factors of health.Especially for women who are susceptible to skin or pregnancy, they must choose sexy underwear with good breathability and not allergies to ensure their health and comfort.

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