Wearing sex underwear still wearing underwear?

Why do I still wear underwear in sexy underwear?

When wearing sex underwear, many women will consider whether to wear underwear.The answer to this question is not necessarily suitable for everyone, because everyone has different views on underwear.Some women like to wear underwear, and some women think that wearing underwear will destroy the design sense of sexy underwear.Therefore, there is no clear answer to wearing underwear in sexy underwear.

Take a look at the style of sexy underwear

First of all, we need to look at the style of sexy underwear.The design of some sexy underwear itself is tight, and the chest and hips are wrapped tightly.If wearing these tight -fitting underwear before wearing underwear, it will make the whole body feel more depressed.At this time, if you still insist on wearing underwear, you will feel very uncomfortable and have a certain impact on your health.

Take a look at the fabric of sexy underwear

Next, we need to look at the fabric of sexy underwear.Many erotic underwear fabrics are relatively thin, and some are the fabrics of the yarn net.If you wear the sexy underwear with this thin fabric, you will wear underwear, which will make the pattern and texture of the underwear more prominent, but it will also cause a sense of oppression for the entire body.Therefore, if you want to highlight your chest and hip lines in sexy underwear, you can consider not wearing underwear.

Look at the choice of underwear

If you insist on wearing underwear while wearing underwear, it is important to choose the right underwear.For the choice of underwear, you must choose a thin and steel -free style.This underwear is more comfortable and more suitable for wearing in sexy underwear.If you wear a pattern, sequin or decoration on the sexy underwear, you will choose a solid underwear more suitable.

Look at the figure

On the question of deciding whether to wear underwear, body is also a very important consideration.If your chest is full, wearing underwear while wearing a sexy underwear will bring more support to the chest.For people with smaller chests, there will be no discomfort without support for underwear.

Look at the occasion

In addition to body factor, an important issue that you need to consider before wearing sex underwear is the occasion.If you wear sexy underwear on a specific occasion, such as celebrating Valentine’s Day or participating in a dance, then not wearing underwear is a more suitable choice.But if you usually wear sexy underwear, wearing underwear will make you more comfortable and comfortable.

Look at personal habits

The final decision depends on personal habits.Some women like to wear underwear because it can bring themselves more sense of security and support.If you have a habit of wearing underwear since you were a child, it is difficult to change this habit when wearing sexy underwear.And some women like to take off their underwear, so that they can enjoy more sense of freedom.

Pay attention

If you decide to wear underwear, you must pay attention to the color and texture of the underwear.Underwear with sexy underwear is preferably no steel ring or trace. The apricot or skin tone is better. This can reduce the visual interference of the underwear and create a better visual effect for sex underwear.

The mentality of wearing sex underwear

In the end, whether wearing underwear or underwear, wearing a sexy underwear itself requires a relaxed mentality.After all, erotic underwear is not only decorating the body, but also decorating the mood.When wearing sexy underwear, it is the most important thing to relax your mood and enjoy the fun and joy brought by sexy underwear.

In the end, the best solution to wearing underwear is not a problem in wearing underwear. The best solution is to choose according to your preferences and physical conditions.Which way makes you feel more comfortable, it is the best choice.

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