What are the fun underwear auxiliary materials?

What are the fun underwear auxiliary materials?

Interest underwear is a toy that many people like, which has the effect of regulating emotions and increasing fun.During the production process, the auxiliary material is an indispensable part.So, what kind of auxiliary materials do I need to make sexy underwear?This article will introduce it to everyone.

Fun underwear auxiliary materials 1: Hook buckle

Hook buckles are indispensable accessories for sexy underwear, which can be used to connect two clothes and adjust the tightness of the clothing slices.There are a variety of types of hook buckles: there are one word buckle, U -shaped buckle, T -shaped buckle, y -shaped buckle, etc.Which hook buckle needs to be determined according to the sexy lingerie style and needs.

Fun underwear auxiliary material two: shoulder straps

The shoulder strap is a band connected to the sleeve or bra. The important role is to support the chest and adjust the appropriate width.The quality of the shoulder strap determines the comfort and aesthetics of sexy underwear.A good shoulder strap should be soft and elastic, and can withstand some tension.

Fun underwear auxiliary materials three: lace

Lace is one of the indispensable auxiliary materials in sexy underwear, which can add different styles to sexy underwear.There are also many types of lace, including three -dimensional lace, satin lace, lace lace, etc.Different types of lace are suitable for different sexy lingerie styles.

Fun underwear auxiliary materials four: ribbon

The types and uses of ribbons are also very extensive. It can be used to tie butterflies, bows, and belts.In sexy underwear, ribbons are often used for sexy decorations, such as tied to the chest or waist, adding fun and mystery.

Fun underwear auxiliary materials five: diamond jewelry

Diamond jewelry can make sexy underwear more exquisite and noble.It can be used to decorate the chest, shoulders and other parts to enhance the beauty and visual effects of sexy lingerie.However, it should be noted that the number and type of diamonds must not be too much, otherwise the overall effect will be too cumbersome.

Fun underwear auxiliary materials 6: loose band

The elastic band is an indispensable part of sexy underwear, and its role is to regulate the tightness of sexy underwear.There are more than one type of loose band, including silk loose band, nylonone tights, etc.You need to choose according to the design and style and comfort of sexy underwear.

Fun underwear auxiliary materials 7: Sponge pad

Sponge pad is a kind of auxiliary material commonly used in bra, which can help adjust the shape of the chest and improve the chest.It should be noted that choosing the right sponge pad is very critical. The poor quality sponge pads will greatly reduce the comfort.

Interesting underwear auxiliary materials eight: lining

Lining is one of the details in sexy underwear. It is to increase the softness and comfort to the sexy underwear, and at the same time make it more durable.When choosing a lining, you need to pay attention to its material and thickness, and do not choose a strong or thin lining.


Through the introduction of this article, I believe that everyone has a more detailed understanding of the auxiliary materials needed for making sexy underwear.Different erotic lingerie styles and designs need to choose different auxiliary materials, and the quality and selection of the auxiliary materials will also affect the comfort and aesthetics of the entire sexy underwear.

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