What are the fun underwear companies listed on the market?

Sex underwear has gradually attracted more women in today’s society, and many companies have also seen the potential of this market.Now, more and more sex underwear companies have begun to enter the market.So, which interest underwear companies have been listed?let’s see.

1. Colorful nobles (H2 label)

The colorful nobles are a foundation for the earliest sexy underwear, and their market value is among the best in the industry.The product lines of colorful aristocrats are rich, covering various styles of sexy underwear, so they are welcomed by consumers.In 2012, the colorful nobles were listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and became the first sex underwear company listed on the exchange.

Second, the woman in the door seam (H2 label)

The woman in the door seam is another sexy underwear company, which is mainly sexy underwear and other products. Its product design is very personalized, which is very suitable for female consumers who like different sexy underwear.The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2019.

Third, Simaaya (H2 label)

Established in 2007, Sima is a company specializing in sexy underwear sales.Smeiya’s products use high -quality fabrics and fashionable design styles to provide consumers with high -quality sexy underwear.In 2019, Simeiya was listed on the New Third Board.

Fourth, Card Lotus (H2 label)

Card Lotus is a company that entered the sex underwear market earlier in China. It was founded in 1995.Card lotus’s product range is very wide, covering various styles and materials of sexy underwear, and is known for its high -end product quality and unique design style.In October 2018, Catalum was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

5. Jiao Lei (H2 label)

Jiao Lei is also a sexy underwear production company. The main products are sexy underwear.Jiao Lei integrates fashion and comfort, and its products are loved by modern women and trendy youths.In October 2015, Jiaolei was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

6. SISMARY (H2 label)

Founded in 2006, Sismary is a brand company specializing in love underwear.The company mainly sells sexy underwear, sexy underwear, lace and other underwear products.SiSMary is favored by consumers in Europe and the United States. Its product quality is first -rate, as well as fashionable and unique design styles.In April 2019, Sismary was listed on the New Third Board.

Seven, Happiness Time (H2 label)

Founded in 2003, Happiness Time Innerwear Company is one of the earliest sex lingerie brands in China.The product design of happy time is fashionable and sexy, suitable for women of various styles.Consumers under the company’s Shopping gradually realized this love underwear brand.Happiness was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in April 2018.

8. Ouerina (H2 label)

Established in 2013 is a new type of sexy underwear company in China.Orena is dominated by equipment, and its product design is also very unique and has been well received by consumers.In October 2019, Orunea was listed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

From the information of the above -mentioned sexy underwear companies, we can see that these companies attach great importance to their product quality and style design.Their products include various materials, styles and colors from transparent to lace and even silk.Their listing is conducive to enhancing consumer confidence and attracting more consumers to pay attention to the sexy underwear market.

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