What are the procedures for sexy lingerie opening?

What are the procedures for sexy lingerie opening?

Apply for industrial and commercial business licenses

Before opening a store, you need to go to the local industrial and commercial bureau to apply for a business license.First, fill in the business license application form, and then submit relevant certification documents, such as ID cards, housing lease contracts, etc.After ready the above documents, you can go to the Industry and Commerce Bureau to go through the relevant procedures.

Apply for tax registration certificate

After successfully obtaining a business license, you need to go to the local tax department to apply for a tax registration certificate.According to relevant regulations, all enterprises that carry out operating activities must apply for tax registration within 30 days from the date of establishment.

Open bank account

Bank account is a very important link in business activities.Before opening a store, you need to go to the bank to open an account and go through relevant procedures in accordance with relevant regulations, such as applying for POS machines.In order to meet the customer’s payment needs, you can also consider opening up payment methods such as WeChat payment and Alipay.

Apply for a trademark

After the business license and tax registration documents are obtained, you can consider applying for a trademark.Trademark is the embodiment of the company’s brand image and is a tangible property of the company.Before opening the store, it is recommended to conduct trademark inquiry to ensure that the trademark can be registered, and then a trademark application.

Apply for an organization code certificate

Organizational code certificate is the only certificate of corporate legal person, illegal organizations and other social organizations across the country.Before opening the store, you need to go to the local industry and commerce department to apply for an organization code certificate.At the same time, pay attention to the organization code information that you need to fill in when you go through the relevant procedures.

Getting a business license

According to relevant regulations, in the process of business, any enterprise needs to apply for relevant licenses according to different business content.In the sexy underwear industry, the business license that needs to be processed includes "hygiene permits", "special useful items permits" and so on.In accordance with relevant management regulations and standards, apply for the corresponding business license.

Apply for fire safety inspection qualification certificate

During the opening of the store, you need to apply for a certificate of fire safety inspection.This certificate is an assessment of the level of fire safety management of shops and an indispensable proof of opening a store.Relevant departments need to be contacted for fire safety inspections to obtain relevant certificates after the inspection standards are reached.

purchase insurance

Before opening a store, you need to purchase shop insurance, property insurance, etc. to protect your rights and interests in the business process.To apply for insurance, you need to choose a credible insurance company and choose according to your own situation to ensure that your assets and rights are fully guaranteed.

Open industry qualification certificate

In the sexy underwear industry, relevant industry qualification certificates are needed.You can choose to go to the relevant industry associations to conduct training and obtain relevant certificates through the examination.At the same time, you can also choose to make legal registration in related media in the industry to fully display the qualifications of the industry.

Get social insurance certificate

In order to protect the rights and interests of the operator, a social insurance certificate is required.The social insurance certificate is issued by the local Social Security Administration and has the role of protecting personal rights and interests. It is a manifestation of the basic benefits of the operator’s pension and medical care.


To open a sexy underwear shop requires many procedures and certificates, including business licenses, tax registration certificates, bank accounts, trademarks, organization code certificates, business licenses, fire safety inspection certificates, insurance, industry qualification certificates and social insuranceCertificate, etc.These proofs and procedures are very important for operators, and they can ensure that their rights and business activities in the store opening process are smoothly carried out.Therefore, before deciding to open a store, we must conscientiously consult the relevant departments, understand, complete the proof and procedures one by one, and comply with relevant regulations in order to complete the various procedures for opening the store.

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