What are the requirements for shooting sex underwear?

Preparation before shooting sex underwear

For those who want to try to shoot sexy underwear, you need to have the following preparations:

Photography equipment, camera, lens and lighting equipment.

Models can hire professional models or shoot by yourself.

Sex underwear, choose suitable underwear suitable for device type and size.

Attractions, you can choose a suitable place to shoot.

Later treatment, adjustment and processing after shooting.

Choose suitable sexy underwear types

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider the following aspects:

Style: Different underwear styles are suitable for different figures.You need to make a choice based on the figure of the model.

Color: Different colors will bring different feelings to people. You need to choose the right color according to the theme and background of shooting.

Fabric: Fabrics can affect the wearing experience and texture of the underwear, and you need to choose good quality fabrics.

Size: The size of the underwear is also very important. It needs to be suitable for the figure of the model and ensure the comfort of wearing.

Preparation before shooting

Before shooting, the following preparations need to be carried out:

Build a background and choose a background suitable for shooting.

Set the light to ensure that the light of the shooting environment is sufficient and soft, and prepare a reflector and a soft frame.

Prepare necessary props, such as flowers, candles, and so on.

Prepare the necessary makeup and hairstyle props.

How to create an atmosphere

When shooting sexy underwear, you need to create a suitable atmosphere. You can create the atmosphere through the following methods:

Music: Play with emotional music to relax the model.

Prop: use props suitable for shooting themes to enhance the atmosphere.

Lighting: Use lighting skills to create a suitable atmosphere.

Pay attention to the details when shooting

When shooting, pay attention to the following details:

Gesture: Models are required to show the most beautiful attitude.

Emoticon: The key to shooting sexy underwear is to create a suitable expression. Color, light and fabric are the key to achieving this goal.

Angle: Proper angle helps highlight the beauty of underwear and the advantages of models.

Decoration: Create a more desired atmosphere through the background, props, lighting and other elements.

Post -processing

The necessary post -processing needs to be performed after shooting, which can help you create a more beautiful picture.For example, you need to adjust color, color, brightness, contrast and noise.

Share your work

Being able to share your work with others will bring a lot of fun. You can share your pictures through social platforms and share your experience with people.


Shooting sex underwear requires many preparations. It is also the key to select appropriate sexy underwear, lights, expressions and angles.I hope these tips can help you take the ideal sexy underwear photos and create more surprises for yourself and others.

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