What do you say about your boyfriend buying a fun underwear?

Boyfriend’s gift for sexy underwear

When your boyfriend gives you a gift to you, you may be surprised and excited, but you may also feel confused and embarrassing.How should I cope with such gifts?Here are some suggestions:

Don’t respond casually

When you receive a sexy underwear given to you by your boyfriend, don’t respond immediately.First of all, calm, don’t rush to express your opinions.After all, this is a private gift. You need to first understand the intention of your boyfriend to give you this gift.To communicate well with a boyfriend and respect each other’s choice, this is a mature performance.

Know the motivation of boyfriend

It is very important to understand the motivation of her boyfriend to send a sexy lingerie.My boyfriend sends you a fun underwear, which may express his love for you and convey to you his desire to add sex.Therefore, before you express his trust and accepting this gift, you can first understand the motivation and intention of your boyfriend.

Don’t be too stable

If you want to refuse this gift, try to euphemistically as euphemistic.Don’t be too reserved, show the attitude of "I don’t need this kind of thing".This will make my boyfriend feel that he fails and even affects your feelings.On the contrary, you can express your feelings and views. At this time, your boyfriend will be more grateful to your sincerity.

Look at sexy underwear from a positive perspective

Interesting underwear does not necessarily mean vulgarity and inferiority, it can also represent a beauty and sexy.Women can increase self -confidence and sexy when wearing sexy underwear, and enhance her boyfriend’s attractiveness to themselves.You can look at this gift from a positive perspective.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

When you decide to accept your boyfriend’s sexy lingerie gift, choose the style and color that suits you according to your taste and preference.Don’t be controlled by your boyfriend’s preference. This is your own business.At the same time, you can also participate with your boyfriend in the process of buying sexy underwear to increase emotional interaction.

Keep confidence and dignity

Wearing erotic underwear does not mean giving up his dignity and self.On the contrary, you should show self -confidence and dignity, so that you can show your sexy side.Don’t impress yourself and your boyfriend.

Don’t confuse sex underwear and pornography

Sex underwear and pornographic are two different concepts. The sexy underwear is artistic and aesthetically, while pornography is vulgar and inferior.Wearing a sexy underwear does not mean that you are a pornographic person. These are two completely different concepts.

Appreciate my boyfriend’s attempt

My boyfriend gives you a gift of sexy underwear is a kind of attempt and exploration for you and your sex life.You can appreciate your boyfriend’s attempt, and you can also express your support and praise for him.This will help your feelings further.


The gift of a boyfriend to send a sexy underwear is an opportunity to make your relationship closer and interesting.Although this takes time and efforts, the relationship between the two of you will be more stable and happy.

The last thing to say is that intimacy is mutual, and both of them have to get each other’s support and respect.When your boyfriend gives you a gift of sexy underwear, you must treat it seriously, respect him, and maintain your dignity and self -confidence, which will help your relationship more healthy and stable.

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