What is the name of the rope sex lingerie?

1. Introduction to rope erotic underwear

Rope erotic underwear is a kind of sexy underwear made of thin rope, usually includes the bondage rope and the private rope of the lower body.It not only has a visual temptation effect, but also feels the touch between the skin through the hand tie, increasing interest and sexual pleasure.

Second, the origin of rope sex lingerie

The rope erotic underwear is related to Japan’s "わ (な わ) コキ". 縄 コキ refers to a SM gameplay that uses the rope to be wrapped around the male genitals and is contradictory and friction.Later, the gameplay was introduced to sexy underwear, and after being improved and innovative, it evolved into the current rope erotic underwear.

Third, the material of the rope sex lingerie

Rope erotic underwear is usually made of soft fine hemp rope or cotton rope. This rope not only reduces the stimulation of the skin, but also avoid skin damage caused by long -term restraint.In addition, some rope sex underwear will also add nano -silver with antibacterial function to better protect private hygiene.

4. How to use rope sex lingerie

Before the rope erotic underwear, you need to unbutton the rope and accurately fix it on the part you want.You need to pay attention to the grasp of strength when restraining, and do not be too tight or loose to avoid affecting the health of the user.

Fifth, risk of rope sex underwear

Pay attention to grasp when using rope erotic underwear, not too tight, so as not to affect blood circulation and cause physical discomfort.At the same time, users need to know their physical condition and ensure that there is no allergies or other discomfort to this restraint stress.

6. Cleaning of rope sex lingerie

After use, the rope erotic underwear needs to be washed with flowing water. After wringing the water, put it to dry the ventilation place.It is best not to use home appliances such as washing machines for cleaning, otherwise it will cause problems such as hardening and deformation of the rope.

7. Applicable crowd of rope sex lingerie

It should be noted that because the rope erotic underwear requires a certain sense of restraint, it is not suitable for physical coordination, or people who need to rely on auxiliary equipment such as wheelchairs.At the same time, pregnant women, maternals and other people need to use it carefully.

8. Suggestions for the purchase of rope sex lingerie

Pay attention to the material, brand, specifications and other factors to buy rope sexy underwear.It is recommended to pay attention to the credibility and after -sales service of the brand, and you need to choose the specifications that are suitable for your physical characteristics.

Nine, rope sex underwear matching clothing

It is recommended to use sexy underwear and lace bellybands to enhance the visual temptation effect.

10. Viewpoint

Rope erotic underwear is a popular sexy underwear, but you need to pay attention to safety and impact on the body when using.Only in the case of correct use can we experience the best sexy and interesting effects.

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