What should I do if my parents find a sexy underwear?


As a more personal item, sexy underwear needs to be dealt with more cautiously.But sometimes we may be discovered by our parents. How should we deal with it at this time?This article will introduce some response strategies and suggestions.

Processing method 1: Cantily complain

When we are discovered by our parents’ sexy underwear, we can choose to frankly tell them that this is the item purchased in order to increase the interests between husband and wife.Using the correct expression to clarify their role, they can reduce their parents’ doubts and misunderstandings.

Processing method 2: Explanation is purchased by others

If we don’t want to be honest, we can explain that this is purchased for others.This can often resolve the embarrassing and embarrassing situation from another angle.

Processing method three: Hidden and encrypted items

Another method of dealing with sexy underwear is to hide or encrypted the items, making them invisible to others and not to disclose any information about these items.This can avoid unnecessary trouble and embarrassment to the greatest extent.

Processing method 4: Copy with your spouse

The husband and wife should maintain good communication and coordination. Therefore, if one of the parents of one party finds sexy underwear, the other should respond with it to minimize the embarrassment and embarrassment of the situation.

Suggesty 1: Rawnal response

When we encounter this situation, we must think calmly and not to fall into emotion too much, and emotionalization often worsen the situation.

Suggestion 2: Follow the size and comfort

When buying sexy underwear, we must pay special attention to the size and comfort.The size and comfortable dressing experience that suits you can not only improve the use effect of items, but also avoid the parents ‘parents’ perception due to improper size.

Suggestion 3: Pay attention to quality and safety

The internal structure of sexy underwear is complicated. To ensure safety, we must buy high -quality products.This not only ensures its own safety and health, but also helps to avoid the appearance of sexy underwear because of the excessive quality of the underwear.

Suggestion 4: Legal consciousness

To buy sexy underwear also requires compliance with relevant laws and regulations.What needs to be noted is that the sexy underwear contains special elements, which needs to be thoughtful to avoid violating laws and regulations.

Suggestion 5: Keep humility

Presumably many people are still more taboo about sexy underwear, so we need to keep humble and try to avoid putting the sexy underwear in the open place casually to avoid the embarrassment and unnecessary trouble brought by it.


When dealing with sexy underwear, we need to fully consider the culture and tradition of family, maintain rationality and tolerance, and make valuable decisions.Treating frankly and respecting others’ opinions and feelings are the basic attitude we should uphold.

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