Who are the female models of JD.com sex underwear?

JD.com sex underwear female model introduction

As a sexy underwear expert, we have to admit that the female model of JD.com’s sex underwear is one of the leaders in the sex lingerie industry. They are not only sexy, but also the best exhibitors of sexy underwear.Next, we will introduce several female models of Jingdong sexy underwear.

Model Yaya

Yaya is an evergreen tree in Jingdong’s sexy underwear. She does not have those tall figures like supermodels, but she is so small and exquisite, making countless men crazy.Yaya’s sexy lies in her unruly femininity, and her smile is very bright.


Ke’er is another big darling in Jingdong’s sexy underwear, which makes many men obsessed.The proportion of Ke’er is excellent, with long legs with slender necks, which is very beautiful.At the same time, her apple muscle is very charming, and red lips are memorable.

Model Yan Fei

Yan Fei is the most professional model in Jingdong’s sexy underwear. Her expression is excellent and can show the atmosphere of sex underwear.At the same time, Yan Fei’s facial features are also quite harmonious and beautiful. She especially has a sexy lips, coupled with her round and tight curve, making many men crazy.

Model Nafelian

Nafelian is a female model with a devil figure. She is tall and upper and lower fences. At the same time, her outline is very smooth. Coupled with her 10,000 -style smile, she will make her aOne of the spokespersons of JD.com’s erotic underwear.

Model Xia Pomelo

If you want to know the sexy charm of Jingdong’s sexy underwear, then you must not miss Xia Pan.She has a pair of bright eyes and a sexy mouth, and her seductive figure is really unpredictable.


White and thin are one of the spokespersons of Jingdong’s sexy underwear. Her freshness and affinity make her love everyone’s love.The white sparseness seen through the camera is a sweet and sexy girl. Although she has a certain distance, this distance is just her sexy.

Model Yi Xiaoyan

Yi Xiaoyan is one of the popular female models of Jingdong’s sexy underwear. She has a pair of clear eyes, coupled with beautiful voice and slender figure.

Model Ziyi

Zi Yi is a member of the Jingson sexy underwear. When you see her beautiful and tall waistline, you will definitely be surprised.In addition, Ziyi’s facial features and teeth are also very delicate and pleasant, and are really super sexy representatives.

Model Liu Yanyi

Liu Yiyi is a super model in Jingdong’s sexy underwear. She has a pair of extremely cute eyes, and her slender and quiet figure is really a super feminine existence.Moreover, she can smile and highlight her slender arm, making many men crazy.

Model Chen Lina

Chen Lina is a frequent visitor to Jingdong’s sexy underwear. Her calm and stable performance is very good. Each performance can make the audience feel the different moods conveyed by sexy underwear.At the same time, Chen Lina’s appearance is also quite outstanding. She is beautiful and graceful, and has made her a goddess who has made countless men feel excited.


In short, each Jingdong sexy underwear model has its own unique charm. They use their own style and temperament to show the sex underwear to the fullest.No matter which goddess is a role model worthy of our appreciation and learning. They are not just models with a perfect figure, but also a successful erotic underwear wearer. We should show our spirit and quality of our salute.Essence

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