Will your boyfriend buy sexy underwear for you?


Interest underwear is an essential part of modern people’s pursuit of more freedom and indulgence.For women, sexy underwear is also one of the important ways to increase self -confidence and enhance charm.However, for many men, there seems to be some embarrassment and confusion to buy sexy underwear.

Why do men feel embarrassed

For many men, buying sexy underwear is indeed an embarrassing thing.On the one hand, they are worried that they will buy the wrong style or size, so that their girlfriends will feel that they will not know enough about her.On the other hand, when men buy in sex shops or sexy underwear stores, they may also feel embarrassed, fearing that they are misunderstood or think they are weird.

Women’s attitude towards her boyfriend to buy sexy underwear

Most women appreciate their boyfriend’s move to buy sexy underwear.They think that this is the expression of their boyfriend’s respect and caring, and it will also make each other’s feelings closer.But there are also some women who do not expect her boyfriend to buy sex underwear for themselves. They think that this is a woman’s own personal item and do not want her boyfriend to participate.

How to choose love underwear

If men decide to buy sexy underwear for their girlfriends, they can consider in the following aspects:

Style: According to the girlfriend’s personal style and preferences, choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style.

Size: Make sure the size is accurate, so as not to affect the girlfriend’s wear and comfort.

Quality: Choose high -quality sexy underwear to ensure comfort and service life.

How to overcome embarrassment and confusion

For men, it is not difficult to overcome the embarrassment and confusion of buying interesting underwear. The most important thing is to build trust and communication.When a boyfriend can talk to his girlfriend about sexual topics, he raises his girlfriend’s interest and doubts about sexy underwear, and seek his girlfriend’s suggestions and help.In addition, men can also buy through online sex underwear stores and other channels to avoid embarrassing situations in physical stores.

Why does a boyfriend buy a sexy underwear increase intimacy?

My boyfriend buys a lot of lingerie, not only because he wants to try freshness, but also shows a enthusiasm and concern for his girlfriend.In the eyes of my girlfriend, her boyfriend chooses a love underwear for herself, which means that her boyfriend is imagining that he is wearing this underwear. This imagination itself is full of romance and interest.At the same time, this also made my girlfriend feel the body and spiritual closeness of her boyfriend.

Pay attention

When buying sexy underwear, men need to pay attention to the following issues:

Don’t force your girlfriend to buy sexy underwear, respect your girlfriend’s choice and opinions.

Don’t buy sexy underwear too exposed to avoid affecting the image and safety of your girlfriend.

If you are not sure if your girlfriend likes sexy underwear, you can consider buying some more conservative styles to try water first.

Other functions of sexy underwear

In addition to increasing intimacy and enhancing sexual fun, sexy underwear has some other functions:

Correct the shape of the chest or hip to make women more confident.

Protect private parts, avoid too tight clothes or too loose underwear cause damage to women’s body.

in conclusion

Boyfriend buys a fun underwear for his girlfriend, which can not only increase the intimacy between each other, but also a kind of physical and spiritual communication and interaction.For my boyfriend, to overcome the embarrassment and confusion, and choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style and size, you need to establish trust and communication to avoid excessive exposure and inappropriate choices.At the same time, sexy underwear also has the role of correcting physical forms and protecting private parts.Therefore, her boyfriend can safely choose love underwear for her girlfriend and experience the dual pleasure of physical and mental body and mind.

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