Zhengzhou Yinji has fun underwear?

Zhengzhou Yinji Interesting Underwear Introduction

Zhengzhou Yinji Plaza is located in the "Zhengshang Yinji Center" built by Zhengshang Group. It is a comprehensive commercial complex that integrates shopping, catering, entertainment, and leisure.As a comprehensive commercial complex, the sexy underwear shop of Yinji Plaza is also dazzling.Whether it is sexual and sexy underwear or European and American sexy underwear, it can be found in the Silver Plaza.Here are some sexy underwear shops worth mentioning.

1. Store 1: Teepop sex lingerie flagship store

TeePop’s sexy underwear flagship store is a sexy underwear shop with a personality, fashion, and quality. It is mainly engaged in various sexy underwear, improved appliances, men and women to masturbation.TeePop sex underwear is the third domestic sex lingerie brand in China after Playboy and Sexkey. The teepop underwear style has been continuously updated. From texture, color to style design, each one is unique.

2. Store 2: Princess Peach Princess Fun Underwear Store

Princess Peach Princess Inner Clothing Store is one of the more popular sexy underwear stores that are more popular with women. This shop’s unique design and sexy lingerie style are very personal. It is very suitable for women who want to release their sexy style.In terms of material perspective, it is particularly sophisticated.

3. Shop 3: Love Magic Instead Underwear Store

The magic and erotic underwear store of love is a sexy underwear store introduced from Japan. It is mainly engaged in Japan’s high -quality and cost -effective sexy underwear and sex products.There are many types of sexy underwear in the store, high quality, and exquisite style design, which makes people want to stop.

4. Shop 4: Sissel’s sexy underwear shop

Sissel’s sexy underwear shop is a relatively new sexy underwear shop, which is definitely worth visiting.The sexy lingerie in the shop is very complete, including bikini sexy underwear, stockings sex lingerie, cosplay sex lingerie, etc., so that every woman can play their own unique sexy role.

5. Store 5: Wowo sex underwear shop

WOWO sex underwear shop is very popular with male customers, because you can buy various men’s sex products in the shop, such as lighters and men’s kidney health products for special occasions.Of course, there are also some sexual erotic lingerie and simulation appliances that allow men to find their own unique sexy ways, bringing different comfort and fun to life.

6. Store 6: LIP Service sex lingerie shop

LIP Service is a Japanese brand, with the theme of personality, sexy, avant -garde, and is very particular about design, quality, accessories, style selection and other aspects.After opening the store, it attracted a large number of female customers, becoming one of the most popular sexy underwear shops in Zhengzhou Yinji Plaza.

7. Shop 7: 888 sex lingerie shop

The 888 sexy underwear shop is a sexy underwear shop with many years of experience. The shop has a lot of massage packages and massage private books. At the same time, the fine work of sexy underwear is also the characteristic of the store. It has a variety of styles and unique colors.

8. Store 8: Zafiro sex underwear shop

Zafiro sex underwear store is a relatively high -consumption of sexy underwear brand.Create well -known charm brands by constantly pursuing design, quality and services.The sexy underwear in the shop is very high -end from material to the style, which is very suitable for customers who are pursuing to buy.


In summary, the sexy underwear shops of Yinji Square are relatively complete and the quality is superior. For women who want to selectively sexy underwear, the sexy underwear shop of Yinji Plaza is a good place worth visiting.At the same time, men can also buy a variety of high -quality sexual products here to create a different sexy atmosphere for themselves.In general, Yinji Plaza is undoubtedly one of the best -quality sexy underwear shopping locations in Zhengzhou.