2023 new sexy underwear

2023 new sexy underwear

1. Elastic network Eyes sex lingerie

The design of the elastic mesh is the main feature of the new sexy underwear. It not only highlights the curve of women’s figure, but also adds women’s mystery and sexy.In 2023, net -eye sex underwear will adopt a more complicated mesh design, making women more charming.

2. Metal elements sexy underwear

The use of metal elements will become a new trend of sexy underwear in 2023.The sexy underwear of metal decoration allows women to visually have a stronger sense of shock, and also highlights women’s confidence and charm.

3. Gem storage sexy underwear

The design of gemstone storage allows women to hide their precious gems or other treasures in their own sexy underwear, which protects the treasures and allows women to gain more confidence and charm.

4. Lace embroidery sex lingerie

Lace embroidery sex underwear will be more popular in 2023. The design of lace not only meets women’s needs for soft feelings, but also shaped a more graceful body curve.Adding embroidery elements can also show the elegant and dignified women.


The design of off -shoulders will become one of the trend of sexy underwear in 2023.The beautiful shoulder lines and shoulder curves are exposed, with both personality and sexy.


The tulle is a innovative design of the sexy underwear in 2023. Its transparency and lightness can bring strong sexy and softness to women.At the same time, the conjoined design can create a perfect proportion and streamlined figure on the body.

7. Elbow sleeve sexy underwear

The design of the elbow and sleeve will set off a wave in 2023. It can not only hide women’s arms defects well, but also bring a sense of elegance and generosity.How to cleverly use the design of the elbow sleeves will become a new direction considered by designers.

8. Round neck vertex is fun underwear

The design of the round neck vest will become a new trend of sexy underwear in 2023. It will neither expose women’s shoulders and chests, but also sexy, and its design is simple and generous. It is a sexy underwear suitable for daily wear.

9. Hook flowers, embroidery, sexy underwear

The design of hook flower embroidery is a highlight in the design of sexy underwear. It can make the underwear look more complicated and gorgeous. It will be equipped with more detailed lines and patterns, showing a delicate and complicated high -level feeling.

10. Navel sexy underwear

Navel sexy underwear is one of the key designs of sexy underwear in 2023.The umbilical curve of the waist reveals a little mystery and sexy design, which not only meets the aesthetic requirements of women, but also makes women’s figures more curved.

Overall, the sexy underwear design in 2023 will pay more attention to the display of women’s body curves and mystery.No matter what design is, the goal is to make women more confident and charming.

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