Can I put a chest pad for sexy underwear?

Can I put a chest pad for sexy underwear?

The role of chest pads in sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a pursuit of modern women for their own image.They have various types and styles that can play a variety of characters and make women reach different psychological feelings, thereby increasing women’s confidence and charm.For many women, it is a very critical issue to put breast pads in sexy underwear.Because chest pads can make women’s chest more three -dimensional, full, increase sexy and attractiveness, and also make sexy underwear more perfect.

Different types of sexy underwear for chest pads

Different types of erotic underwear have different demand for chest pads.The erotic underwear without chest pads needs to be used with a bra, and sexy underwear with built -in chest pads and filling can not wear bra.In addition, for the low -cut sexy underwear that needs to be improved, with the chest pads, the chest can make the chest fuller and upright, and it will highlight the sexy charm of women.

Can I still put a chest pad in a messy underwear with a cushion?

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Many sexy underwear built in some chest pads during design to increase the plumpness of the chest.So, can these built -in chest pads and external ones be put together?The answer is okay.

Because the size of the chest pads of the sex underwear is different, and the breast size of women is different.Built -in chest pads sometimes make some women feel uncomfortable with women with less full breasts. At this time, external chest pads can play a role in chest support.At the same time, putting the chest pad into the sexy underwear can also make the appearance of the sexy underwear more three -dimensional and more visual.

How to choose the right chest pad

When choosing a chest pad, we need to choose according to our breast shape and the style of the underwear wearing underwear.For women with insufficient breasts, they can choose thicker chest pads, which can support the chest and make the chest look more sexy and charming.For women with full chest, they can choose thinner chest pads to avoid the chest is too full and affect the overall effect.

About the material of the chest pads

The material of the chest pads generally include sponge, silicone, foam, wool, etc.Sponge permeability is good, suitable for summer wearing; good silicone elasticity, suitable for women with not full chest; foam chest pads are generally breathable, but thicker than sponge, can increase the curve of the chest; wool chest pads are suitable for winter wearing, which can keep warmIt can also increase the sense of round chest.

How to maintain chest pads

To make the chest pads more durable, we need to pay attention to maintenance.After removing the chest pads, gently massage or wash with warm water and soap, and do not twist with force.Try to place them in a good ventilation place when drying to avoid sunlight.

Increase the possibility of outflow of chest pads

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When we wear sexy underwear, the chest pads may "flow out" due to some unexpected factors.If you want to avoid this, you can pay attention to whether the design of the sexy underwear can effectively fix the chest pads and whether there are buttons such as buttons, zippers and other devices when choosing sexy underwear.

Interesting underwear and chest pads with stimulating function

For some sexy underwear with irritating functions, such as manual vibrating sexy underwear and sexy underwear with heating function, you can consider not using the chest pad.Because the presence of chest pads may weaken the stimulus effect and affect sexual love.


Chest pads can bring more three -dimensional and abundant breasts, making women more confident and charm when wearing sexy underwear.Of course, choosing the right chest pads, suitable sexy underwear, and appropriate methods of use are also important. Only in this way can women truly enjoy the moments of fun underwear.