Falling underwear Mufi Nurse

Falling underwear Mufi Nurse

Falling underwear Mufi Nurse

Know the nurse Mu Fei

Nurse Mu Fei is one of the sexy underwear brands, and its products are unique and sexy.The design concept of Nu Fei is to integrate medical elements with sexy to achieve the perfect integration of sex and health.Its representative products are lace nurse, student nurse, and animal nurses.

The perfect fusion of sexy and health

Through the design of the sexy underwear to integrate medical elements into the sexy underwear, Nuffe can also get better protection and experience in the process of sex.For example, lace nurses are installed in design to increase medical stockings, increase medical nursing elements, and reduce the risk of injuries that women may have during sex.Nuel’s product design also focuses on the excretion of breathing and sweat, which reduces the harm of traditional sexy underwear to female skin.

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Lace nurses

Lei Nurse is one of the representative products of the Mufi nurse brand.The perfect combination of sexy and healthy design of this style pursues ultimate quality and craftsmanship in the material, cutting, and detail design of the underwear.It is characterized by combining sexy lace with medical suspenders, which can enhance women’s temperament and beauty.

Student Nurse

Student nurses are another representative product of Nu Fei Nurse brand. This style uses a more classic strap design, giving a pure and cute feeling.At the same time, this style has also added many medical elements, such as the straps on the neck and back, which increases the feeling of medical care.

Animal Nurse

Animal nurses are one of the sexy representatives of the Mufi nurse brand. In the design, an exaggerated shape and color are used to express the instincts of women’s animals.At the same time, the medical elements of this style are also relatively prominent. For example, the design of the doctor’s Red Cross logo on the chest, combined with the color matching, increases the feeling of medical elements.

How to correctly wear Mufei nurse underwear

It is important to wear underwear correctly, including Mu Fei Nurse underwear.First of all, choose a size that suits you, too large or too small will affect comfort and health.At the same time, we must pay attention to the texture of the underwear fabric, choose fabrics with good breathability, sweat -absorbing and drying, and reduce the risk of skin allergies and infection of the skin.Finally, the correct match is also essential. In order to achieve the perfect effect, choosing the right red lipstick and red high heels can improve the overall temperament.

Nuel of Mu Fei


Mu Fei Nursing underwear is designed for sex between couples, especially suitable for wearing in the process of sex between couples.At the same time, Mu Fei underwear has also been widely used at some sexual parties and show scenes.However, it should be noted that it is inappropriate to wear Mufi nurse underwear on work or formal occasions, and it may lose the sexy effect of due to.

How to storage Mufei Nurses underwear

It is a common problem how to put up Mufi Nurse underwear.We recommend folding underwear and put them in clean and dry drawers.It should be noted that do not wash with other colors of clothes to avoid color loss.In addition, it is necessary to avoid being stored with irritating chemicals to avoid confusing unnecessary trouble.

Cleaning and maintenance of nurse Nufei

The cleaning and maintenance of Mu Fei underwear is also relatively simple.First of all, you must choose a cleaning agent and method suitable for underwear, such as hand washing, dry cleaning or washing machine cleaning.It is necessary to prevent the contact of long -term scrubbing, strong acid, and acidic cleaning solution.When drying underwear, avoid direct sunlight and the use of dryers to prevent fading and deformation.

Nuel of Mu Fei

The price of Mu Fei underwear is relatively high because it requires high -quality craftsmanship and design.Different styles and materials will have different prices.When buying, you need to buy it in regular channels to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products. At the same time, you must choose the styles and colors that are suitable for your own style and occasions to make yourself more sexy and charming!


Nurse Mu Fei, as a brand that takes into account sex, has a certain reputation and influence in the sexy underwear market.I hope that when buying and dressed, you can pay attention to your own health and comfort. At the same time, you must take safety measures in the process of sex to protect yourself and partners.Let Mufi nurse underwear a good part of your sex life!