Do it yourself to make fun of the sheets

Do it yourself to make fun of the sheets

Do it yourself to make fun of the sheets


Interesting underwear, with the gradual liberation of people’s concepts, has attracted more and more attention.The sexy underwear design on the market is different, but the price is expensive.If you have a certain interest and patience, you can also try to make sexy underwear by yourself, which can not only meet your needs, but also create unique works.

Choice material

First of all, making fun underwear requires purchasing suitable materials, including sewing machines, needle wires, fabrics, etc.In order to ensure comfort and safety, it is recommended to use soft, elastic materials, such as lace fabrics and elastic silk.In addition, it is recommended to choose a regular material store to purchase to ensure the quality and safety of the materials.

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Choice style

After determining the materials, you need to choose a style.First of all, we must consider your own needs and body characteristics, and choose the style that suits you.Different sexy lingerie styles have different styles and functions, which can be selected according to their own needs.At the same time, you can determine the appropriate style by referring to the sexy underwear design on the market.

Tailor -made

You need to make a tailor -made underwear by yourself.In order to ensure wearing effects and comfort, you need to measure your body size, including bust, waist, hips, etc.During the production process, the design and cutting are needed according to the measurement results to ensure the fit of the size and the shape.

Cutting and sewing

Cutting is an important step in making sexy underwear. It needs to be tailored based on the selected styles and measurement results.When tailoring, professional tools need to be used to ensure the accuracy of size and proportion.After the cutting is completed, you can enter the sewing step.The sewing part needs to be operated using a sewing machine and needle wire, and it needs to be mastered a certain grasp of sewing skills.

Processing details

The details in the process of sexy underwear are very critical, and you can enhance the personality of the work by adding unique design elements.For example, you can add lace, sequins, lace and other decorations to sexy underwear to enhance the visual effect and texture.

Try and modify


After the production of the entire sexy underwear, try on to ensure the effect and comfort.If the problem is found, you need to modify and adjust it in time.This includes size and comfort, which can be adjusted by adding auxiliary materials such as cushions, magic stickers.

Maintenance and cleaning

After completing the production of sexy underwear, maintenance and cleaning are needed.Different materials need to use different maintenance methods. For example, some lace fabrics need to be dry washed, and elastic wire can be washed by hand.It is necessary to ensure that the material is not damaged during cleaning, and use the appropriate detergent and warm water for cleaning.


Do your own fun underwear to meet your needs and create unique works.To make sexy underwear, you need to choose suitable materials, determine the appropriate style and size, cut and sew, pay attention to handling details, and finally try it on and clean. The whole process needs to be patient and detailed.