Fun underwear and Stockings Office

Fun underwear and Stockings Office


Interest underwear is regarded as a way to enhance personal charm. It is not only a close -fitting clothing, but also a artwork.To a certain extent, sexy underwear reveals a person’s personality and elegance. Therefore, many women have been carefully selected when choosing sexy underwear.In this place, what kind of sexy underwear to choose is a technique that needs to be mastered. This article will introduce you to how to choose sexy underwear and stockings suitable for wearing in the office.

Choose a suitable color

In the office, choosing a suitable color is an important thing.Too bright and dazzling colors are not suitable for use in the office, and choosing some more neutral colors, such as black, white, and light gray, will be more proper.And you can choose any color in the middle of black, white, and gray. If you want more changes, you can choose a business -style classic black color sexy underwear with bright stockings, or choose different colors of sexy underwear with the same styleStockings.

Follow the wearing rules

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When choosing a sexy underwear, you must follow the rules of wearing.Some women who want to see customers on the way to and from get off work will choose to wear a cushioned underwear. This can avoid problems caused by not being worn on the chest or shirt at the time.In addition, you can choose the fabrics with good cotton, cotton or breathability, which will make you feel comfortable and confident in the office.

Suitable style

In the office, you must choose the suitable sexy underwear style, so that you can not only improve your charm, but also bring a sense of confidence and comfort.Some simple bras, flat -mouth bra, or triangular bras are a good choice. In terms of stockings, do not choose too much color, try to avoid black lines when you touch the skirt.Of course, if you want more changes, then you can choose a strap style sexy underwear.These styles are not only suitable for wearing in the office, but also suitable for wearing in the evening.

Avoid dazzling patterns

Although there are many types and designs of sexy underwear, the dazzling patterns in the office will appear tedious and too bright. Therefore, it will give people a bad impression visually.When choosing a sexy underwear, please try to choose good texture, good color, simple patterns and styles.

Don’t forget the transparency of underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, transparency is an important factor, especially in the office.It is recommended not to wear too transparent sexy underwear, especially in hot weather, because doing so may cause discomfort from colleagues around, and hurt your image.

Make stockings easier

It is hard to imagine that the stockings that are walking in the office broke a hole or peeling.Therefore, when choosing stockings, choose materials with good breathability to avoid rotten caused by hotness.Choose a better quality stockings to avoid the problems of your toes, which can make you more confident in the office.


With formal clothing

In the office, many people such as job hunting customers, inauguration colleagues, etc. will see your image, so it is very important to choose appropriate sexy underwear and stockings.For business offices, black is the preferred color -black can make people look more professional, mature and stable.You can also choose light -colored systems such as pink, but you should pay attention to the pure and concise material of the fabric to make yourself look more affectionate.

Wear sex underwear on other occasions

Although wearing sexy underwear in the office is a skill that needs to be more mastered, you can find the most appropriate on other occasions, such as weddings, such as weddings.

Buy a small amount

For the office, some small amounts of basic sexy lingerie and stockings are enough. You can try and change your taste in the office according to your needs, but you do n’t need to buy too much sexy underwear at a beginningGood quality products such as stockings.

in conclusion

When choosing sexy underwear and stockings suitable for wearing in the office, it is recommended to choose neutral colors such as black, white, and gray, and follow the principles of wearing rules and transparency to choose suitable styles and texture materials.These techniques are greatly helpful for your image and personal charm in your office.