Fun underwear PLAY pollution text

Fun underwear PLAY pollution text

Fun underwear PLAY pollution text

As a kind of clothing with sexual hints, sexy underwear is naturally considered to be loved by the consumer group that loves PLAY.Today we will talk about some aspects of the Play of Funwear Play.

1. Brand recommendation

Choosing a good sexy underwear brand will increase Play fun in many aspects such as quality, design, and styles.The more well -known brands include Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, etc.In addition, the domestic LOVEDEN and the water side should not be missed.


Lace Bra Bodycon Dress – 12928

Interest underwear is different from ordinary clothing. It pays attention not only the design, but also the internal comfort and health.Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of materials, and the average cotton, nylon and other fabrics have been eliminated.Common materials are lace, chiffon, leather, latex, etc.

Third, functional style

In the purchase of sexy underwear, in addition to color styles, there are also some functional styles very popular.For example, increase the contraction effect, simulation of virginity, rear -wearing skirts, etc.Choosing this type of style can better meet the needs and fantasies when Play.

Fourth, matching skills

Interest underwear matching is also very critical. Its combination must consider not only the matching and details of the color, and the mutual matching with other items, such as high heels, handcuffs, and eye masks.

5. Cultural background

The birth, popularity and development of sexy underwear are inseparable from the social and cultural background.In Western culture, sexy underwear is regarded as a way to enjoy life, beautify self, and improve sexual interest.In China, sexy underwear culture is not developed, but it has also been respected by some consumer groups.In this field, the differences in different cultural and social backgrounds are also worthy of our pondering.

Six, scene selection

The difference between the fun underwear PLAY is that its requirements for the scene are relatively high, and a warm and private environment is needed to create the feeling of Play.Appropriate music, atmosphere lighting, drinks, snacks, etc. can also bring more fun to Play.


Seven, safety issues

Fun underwear PLAY is a very private and personalized behavior, and sometimes it also brings some security problems.For example, intentionally caused physical damage, playing with firearms, etc., all are not advisable.While enjoying the fun of Play, you must also pay attention to the safety of your partner.

8. Personalized customization

In addition to selecting ready -made design styles, sexy underwear can also be customized according to your own personal needs.For example, installing artificial nipples, artificial vagina, etc., can better satisfy the fun of play.

Viewpoint: Fun underwear PLAY can increase interest and fun to partners, but the premise is that both parties need to realize equality and respect on the basis of a certain psychological and behavioral.