Guangzhou jk sex lingerie incident

Overview of the event:

Recently, a shop named "JK Influence underwear" in Guangzhou has attracted the attention of public opinion due to the exposed erotic underwear in the store.Some netizens pointed out that these sexy underwear is not only suspected of violating the advertising law and the provisions of the "Protection of the Minors", but also has a adverse impact on the public.Once the incident was exposed, it attracted the attention and discussion of all sectors of society.

Legal Issues:

According to the "Advertising Law" and "Protection Law of the Minor", the advertisements of sexy underwear must follow strict moral standards.The sexy underwear displayed by the "JK Influence underwear" shops obviously violate these criteria and will undoubtedly be identified as illegal advertisements.In addition, sexy underwear is an adult product, and it should not be allowed to be displayed in areas that minors can contact, let alone be sold in front of minors.

Business ethics issues:

In order to meet market demand, some merchants often ignore the moral standards of society. Excessive radical display methods may cause dissatisfaction among the masses, and at the same time may affect the image of other peer merchants.Merchants should pay attention to social responsibility and ethical standards, and actively create a good social fashion that is conducive to business development.

Brand image problem:

The brand image is critical to merchants. A good brand image can help merchants win the trust and loyalty of consumers, thereby improving market competitiveness.If the display method of merchants is too aggressive, it is easy to leave a bad impression on consumers, affecting brand reputation and market competitiveness.

Gender consciousness:

Many erotic underwear design and advertising language have a sense of gender hegemony, ignoring women’s independent choices and men’s aesthetic equality, which can easily make consumers feel insecure and guilty.Merchants should pay attention to avoid gender discrimination and unnecessary guidance while operating sex products.

Market demand issues:

Sex products are a strong market, but operators should be awake that market demand is not equal to market rules. Merchants should operate in accordance with the law, avoid excessive explication, and focusEssence

Consumer selection question:

Consumers have the right to choose their favorite products, but they need to pay attention to whether the product itself is legal and compliant, and whether its advertising content violates moral norms.Consumers should take the initiative to understand the information of the product, enhance legal awareness and protect their own choice.

Social responsibility issues:

As a member of the society, merchants have certain social responsibility and responsibility.Merchants should pay attention to social morality and moral standards, actively create a positive business environment, and improve the degree of social civilization.

Public opinion adjustment problem:

Today, with the intensification and emotionalization of social contradictions, merchants should try to avoid intensifying social contradictions and emotions, strengthening the regulation and coordination of public opinions, and actively creating a good environment for rule of law and social governance.


In summary, the Guangzhou JK sex lingerie incident reveals many problems in business ethics, legal norms, market demand, and consumer choice. At the same time, it also reminds merchants and consumersEnvironment and social civilization.

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