How to lift the chest of sexy underwear


The function of sexy underwear is to make women more sexy and confident. Among them, lift chest is one of the common designs.So how does sex underwear achieve the effect of chest lifting?This article will introduce you to this issue.

Chest pad design

There are common chest pads in sexy underwear, which are placed in a bray cup to increase the height of the chest by increasing the volume of the cup.The material of the chest pads is usually sponge or silicone, which can imitate the chest -level touch of the chest, and has good elasticity and breathability.

Lower pressure design

Some sexy lingerie will add a elastic mesh or elastic band to the bottom of the cup. Through the lower pressure, the chest is raised upwards, forming the effect of the chest lifting.This design is suitable for less loose breasts.

Drawing design

The drawing design is a design method that uses stretching materials to push the chest to the centerline, such as gathering sexy underwear.It is characterized by a more wrapping feeling to women’s breasts, while making the chest more compact and effectively preventing the chest from expanding.

Rear zipper design

The rear zipper design is a high -value and highly practical design. By designing zipper on the back of the underwear, the height of the chest can be accurately controlled, and the back fat can be restrained to make the overall lines more three -dimensional and firmer.Essence

Vest style design

The vest sexy underwear means that the design of the underwear can be more diversified and can break through the limit of the traditional bra.The vest design makes the chest more three -dimensional and naturally stands up.At the same time, the vest design is not only comfortable and natural, but also can coordinate dressing and become a variety of underwear styles.

Tighten the relaxation design

Sublining is the reason why the chest is not so tight.To lift your chest, you need to tighten your breasts through the design of the underwear.Some sexy underwear is tightly designed to close the muscles of the chest on the underwear to make the breast firmer.

Cup design

Cup design is a very important factor, which directly determines the effect of women when wearing underwear.Interest underwear is generally designed with round cups or stereo cups, which prevents the chest expansion or sagging. By strengthening the support of the cup, the chest lifting effect is achieved.

Select the underwear size correctly

For sexy underwear for chest lifting function, size selection is very important.If the size is too small, it will not only affect the health of the body, but also make the breast lifting function unable to play the best.If the size is too large, the space between the underwear cup and the chest will cause the negative effects of the chest.Therefore, the correct choice of underwear sizes is the key to allowing the effect of sexy underwear to raise the chest.

Effective maintenance underwear

The materials of sexy underwear are relatively high -level and need special maintenance.Therefore, regular cleaning can maintain the service life of the underwear, while preventing excessive wear and affecting the effect of the chest.In the process of cleaning underwear, it is recommended to use a professional texture of mild laundry solution, soft washing method and warm water cleaning.

Overall view

The effect of sexy underwear’s chest lifting is achieved through a variety of design, including chest pads, lower pressure, brushed, rear zipper, vest style, tightening relaxation, cup design, and so on.When using sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the correct selection of underwear size and use the appropriate method to clean and maintain to better play the breast lifting effect of the underwear.

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