How to open a lot of sexy underwear shops

How to open a lot of sexy underwear shops

How to open a lot of sexy underwear shops

Choose the right store classification

If you want to sell sexy underwear on Pinduoduo, you need to choose the correct store classification.In Pinduoduo’s store classification, the classification of sex products includes two types: "adult supplies" and "restricted -level supplies". You need to choose the correct classification according to your own products.

Fill in shop information

After selecting the store classification, you need to fill in the store information.This includes information such as store names, shop descriptions, shop avatars, contact information.When filling in the store information, you must pay attention to the authenticity and accuracy of the information.

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Scientific setting shop operation mode

In Pinduoduo, the store operation model includes two types of self -employment and settlement.The self -employed model is suitable for businesses with sufficient funds and self -independent brands and production capabilities; and the settlement model is suitable for startups and small businesses, and can use the traffic advantage of Pinduoduo platform for sales.

Standardize store operation behavior

On the Pinduoduo platform, merchants need to strictly abide by the operating behavior prescribed by the platform, such as cannot publish false advertisements and cannot induce users to trade.Otherwise, merchants may be punished by the platform.

Improving store exposure

On the Pinduoduo platform, the exposure of the store determines the opportunity for sales.Merchants can increase the exposure of stores by increasing store attention, release of high -quality products, and promotional activities participating in the platform.

Optimized product description and ranking

In Pinduoduo, product descriptions and rankings are critical to sales.Merchants need to write high -quality product descriptions when publishing products, so that users can better understand the characteristics and advantages of the product.In addition, merchants can also increase the ranking of product through evaluation and sales, increase exposure and sales opportunities.

Choose the right logistics carrier

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Logistics speed and quality are one of the important factors that affect the purchase of users.Merchants need to choose a reliable logistics carrier to ensure that the goods can reach the user safely and quickly.

Pay attention to after -sales service

High -quality after -sales service can improve users’ trust and loyalty to merchants.Merchants need to ensure that they can respond to users’ consultations and complaints in time, and actively solve the problems of users, so that users have a better impression of products and merchants.

Maintain a good interaction with users

Interacting with users can allow merchants to better understand user needs and opinions.Merchants can publish posts and activities on the store page to interact with users to increase user stickiness.

Combined with offline physical stores

If the merchant has an offline physical store at the same time, it can be promoted and sold in combination with online platforms.On the store page, you can display information, business hours and other information of physical stores, and attract users to experience and purchase in physical stores.


Selling sexy underwear on the Pinduoduo platform needs to pay attention to compliance, but if it can be legally operated, the Pinduoduo platform, as China’s largest collection platform, also has a lot of room for expansion of the market demand for sex products.