How to use the anchor to wear sexy underwear

How to use the anchor to wear sexy underwear

In the live broadcast industry, the image of anchors is essential for attracting audiences and improving fans’ stickiness.And wearing a beautiful and sexy sexy underwear is the secret to the charm and attractiveness of the anchors in the live broadcast.This article will introduce some techniques and precautions about the anchor to wear sexy underwear to help all the anchors present themselves better during live broadcasting.

1. Choose suitable sexy underwear

First of all, it is important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your style and figure.Sexy sexy underwear can enhance the attractiveness of the anchor by emphasizing curve, increasing touch and visual stimulation.But choosing too exposed or inappropriate sexy underwear may leave bad impressions for the audience, and even affect the live broadcast effect of the anchor.

2. Pay attention to the size and comfort of sexy underwear

In any case, the comfort of the anchor is always the most important.Excessive or loose sexy underwear will affect the confidence and performance of the anchor.Be sure to choose a size suitable for you, and make sure that the sexy lingerie fabric is comfortable and quality.

3. How to master sex underwear

Different types of erotic underwear are also different.For example, different styles of bra have different ways to wear, and the deduction and adjustment details are different.The anchors need to understand the exact method of wearing in advance to ensure that sexy underwear shows the best effect.

4. matching of accessories

When choosing sexy underwear and accessories, pay attention to the matching effect between colors and styles.The anchors can get inspiration through relatively classic pairs. For example, the black color sex lingerie with red lipstick and high heels looks very sexy.

5. How to perform during recording and live broadcast

When broadcasting or recording, anchors need to consider how to highlight sex underwear and their own charm without exposing themselves.The anchor can express himself with changes in posture and volume, such as twisting the body and whispering.

6. Create atmosphere and scene

In addition to with suitable sexy underwear and accessories, anchors can also create a more attractive atmosphere by setting their own live broadcast scenes.For example, use colored lights, candles or rose petals to strengthen visual and sensory effects.

7. Reasonable arrangement of equipment and shooting angle

Even the most perfect erotic underwear dress needs to be displayed in a suitable angle.The anchor can consider choosing high -quality camera equipment and showing its own curves and facial features through changes in various angles.

8. Pay attention to the requirements of the live broadcast platform

Finally, the anchors should remember to comply with the existing live broadcast platform regulations when choosing and wearing sexy underwear.Some platforms are prohibited from being too exposed or sensitive. The anchors need to pay attention to caution when choosing sexy underwear.


Through reasonable choices and use of sexy underwear, anchors can enhance their attractiveness in the live broadcast and attract more audiences and fans.However, the anchors need to maintain a proper bottom line and rules to ensure that they enjoy the live broadcast process while they will not violate the provisions of the live broadcast platform and social ethics.

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