I don’t want to wear sexy underwear anymore

I don’t want to wear sexy underwear anymore

1. Why wear sexy underwear

Interest underwear has always been the favorite of female lovers. They make women more sexy and confident, and can also add fun and fun.However, in today’s society, sexy underwear culture has gradually been commercialized, and even some turning interest underwear into sexual tools.This is a unfortunate thing for those who really passionate love underwear culture.

2. Potential damage to the body

In addition to commercialization issues, there is also a possible hidden danger in sex underwear: potential damage to the body.Some sexy underwear may cause discomfort and scratches.For this reason, when buying, you must choose underwear suitable for your body and make underwear made by professional manufacturers.

3. Economic cost

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Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear is usually high because sex lingerie is usually a luxury.For some people, it is obviously not cost -effective to spend too much money to buy sexy underwear, and the use of these sexy underwear is far less practical as traditional underwear.

4. Not suitable for everyone

Interest underwear culture is a special culture that is not suitable for everyone.It is obviously inappropriate for those who are not interested in sexy underwear culture or do not like it.

5. It will affect the health of the reproductive system

Some sexy lingerie styles may have a negative impact on the health of the reproductive system. For example, wearing some types of sexy underwear for a long time may cause genital infections.

6. Psychological burden

For many women, wearing sexy underwear will bring a certain psychological burden because they may think that this is an improper behavior or they may worry about their body exposure.These will cause their psychological burden and affect their confidence and fun.

7. The quality is unreliable

Since many unprofessional manufacturers and sellers have in the market, the quality of sexy underwear purchased often cannot be guaranteed.These sexy underwear may have gaps or other quality problems, which hurts the user’s body.


8. Affects social life

For some people, wearing erotic underwear will have a negative impact on their social life.They may feel uncomfortable or inappropriate, which affects their social activities and exchanges.

9. Marketing misleading

In a commercial environment, some sexy underwear sellers in the market will distort the true meaning of sexy underwear culture and mislead people’s knowledge and values.These marketing strategies make people misunderstand the true meaning of sexy underwear.

10. Summary view

Although sexy underwear adds confidence and fun to women to a certain extent, there are still many problems and hidden dangers.Therefore, we should treat sexy underwear with a rational attitude and choose sexy underwear suitable for our body and taste.The most important thing is that we should maintain an open mentality, constantly discover the true beauty of sexy underwear, and avoid being misled by commercial sexy underwear.