If your husband buys sex underwear for others

Event background

Suddenly found that her husband bought a sexy underwear to others as a wife, which was a very uncomfortable thing.What should I do?Should you feel angry or jealous?How to deal with this problem?These questions will be answered in this article.

Understand why

First of all, we must understand why to better solve the problem.Ask why you and your husband have such a situation.Perhaps because of boring marriage, lack of communication, anger or guessing, or just a misunderstanding.After determining the reason, we don’t have to blame each other easily. We need to clearly solve the problem, rather than make the problem more complicated.

Communication is the key

Dialogue is the key to resolving contradictions and misunderstandings, and establish a frank and open attitude without letting each other frustration or blame.If we do not understand the crux of the problem, we cannot really solve it or try to find a temporary solution for this.Only find the problem to find a solution.

Self -adjusting mentality

When we are in a state of depression or anger, if we do not control our emotions, it is difficult to make constructive conversations.Therefore, we need to adjust our mentality and communicate with our partner in a gentle, open and rational way.

Discover the possible cause

Before you seek a solution, you need to discover the possible causes.It may be because the other party has an affair, the needs of taking care of others, dissatisfied with the relationship between yourself and/or your relationship.Digging these reasons will provide directions for exploring solutions.

Let him explain

Under normal circumstances, we cannot ignore this possible situation: your husband just helped others buy sexy underwear.If this is the case, as long as your husband explains his purpose and the reason for buying these products, you can rest assured.

Express your feelings

In -depth understanding of why you feel pain is a key step to help yourself and his partner coming out of this contradiction.When you express your feelings, don’t emphasize your partner’s responsibility, but to clearly express your emotions and views.

Accept your husband’s answer

When your husband explains his behavior, you need to accept his answer.If you are still uncertain, you need to find more answers or find a third party’s opinion.With their professional help, you can expand your vision to better solve the problem.

Find the solution together

When understanding and solving each other’s problems, we must solve the contradictions as the starting point.The contradiction between companions is a common problem in any relationship, but they also provide strong opportunities for communication and negotiation for both parties, as well as better opportunities for team building.


This situation is usually caused by communication problems.However, if you and your husband can maintain tolerance and understanding and learn to adjust your attitude and behavior, then your relationship will become closer and a better future.

in conclusion

This is an embarrassing moment when you find that your husband bought sexy underwear for others.However, you can solve the problem through dialogue, understanding the cause, and finding a solution, rather than falling into an endless quarrel.The attitude of generosity, tolerance and rationality is the key to dealing with this situation.

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