Interest underwear cannot be worn for the time being

Interest underwear cannot be worn for the time being

The reason why sexy underwear cannot be worn for the time being

Sexy underwear is a sexy, irritating underwear. People can experience different sex games and sex experiences.However, wearing erotic underwear can cause damage or discomfort to us, which is the following reasons.

Lack of suitable occasions

Interest underwear is suitable for private occasions, such as in bedrooms or sex game places.However, if you wear sexy underwear to public places, such as attending a work meeting or going to a restaurant to dinner, it will bring unnecessary troubles and embarrassment to others, and it will not meet social moral norms.

Allergic to the skin

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Some material’s sexy underwear may cause people to cause skin allergies.Some people may not be sensitive to some substances, but after a long or frequently wearing sexy underwear, rash, itching or other similar symptoms may also occur.Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to the material ingredients, and try it carefully to see if there is a discomfort.

Not suitable for health issues

The design of some sexy underwear may not be suitable for some people.For example, research on women’s health shows that wearing tight or suspended sexy underwear may affect blood circulation, cause chest pain or psychological discomfort.Therefore, if you already have some health problems, it is recommended that you consult your doctor or avoid wearing when choosing a sexy underwear.

Discomable climatic conditions

Sex underwear is usually designed to enhance sexy experience by paste and tightly wrap, but this design may increase discomfort under hot weather or humid weather conditions.In addition, wearing sex underwear in the cold season may also cause discomfort, so choose the right underwear according to the climate conditions.

Need more maintenance and maintenance

Compared with other types of underwear, sexy underwear usually needs more maintenance and maintenance.Because their design is special, special washing and cleaning methods are required.In addition, improper care may accelerate the aging or damage clothes of the material, which requires more frequent purchase of new sexy underwear and increases expenses.

Sometimes it is not conducive to acting freely

Interest underwear is usually designed to be tight or tightly attached to the body to create a sexy visual effect.However, this may also mean that after wearing sexy underwear, ordinary activities may be restricted, including walking, sitting, or doing other physical activities.Therefore, if you want to exercise or other activities that need activities, it is best to wear comfortable clothes.


May attract attention and controversy

The design of erotic underwear is usually sexual hints and temptation effects.Although many people like this sexy and bold way of dressing, some people will have any disgusting or controversy about this, and may even cause embarrassment in social occasions.Therefore, when wearing this underwear, be cautious and thoughtful, it is best to choose a more conservative clothing.

in conclusion

In the above situation, the danger and disadvantages of sexy underwear are obvious.If you feel uncomfortable or unable to wear sexy underwear, you must be careful when choosing to avoid unnecessary damage.After all, in the sexy appearance, protecting your own health and comfort is the most important thing.