Interesting underwear does not stick chest stickers

Interesting underwear does not stick chest stickers

1. Pattipped chest stickers in sexy underwear

As we all know, sexy underwear is a special style of underwear, which has the characteristics of sexy, tempting, unique and personalized.Among them, sticking chest stickers is a common design element.Putting chests usually refer to a self -ads -adhesive patch located at the bottom of the underwear cup cover, which can close the chest closely in the underwear cup.Although sticking chest stickers can effectively improve sexuality, shaping and comfort, it is not suitable for all women.

2. Advantages of sticking chest stickers

First of all, sticking chest stickers can effectively prevent outwardness and make the breasts more tightly attached to the underwear cup.Secondly, sticking chest stickers can increase the comfort of underwear.For women who are less secure, sticking chests can also provide some sense of security.In addition, sticking chest stickers is also more meaningful for women who droop them, because they can increase the shape of the underwear by enhanced their chests.

3. Disadvantages to stick chest stickers

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However, there are shortcomings on the chest stickers.First of all, for women with large breasts, the sticking chest stickers may not be able to support sufficient weight and cannot maintain the stability of the chest.Secondly, the use of chest stickers requires the skin to often contact the attachment surface, which can easily affect the breathing of the skin, leading to itching, moisturizing, and even rash.

4. Not recommended big breasts women

Due to the disadvantages of sticking chest stickers, we also recommend that large breasts do not use chest stickers, especially for those highly flexible and high -supported underwear, the sticks may show a phenomenon of insufficient viscosity and slipping.In addition, the paste stickers will increase the longitudinal stretching load, causing breast sagging or even relaxation.

5. Suitable for small breasts women

For those small breasts, sticking chests will be a better choice.Because the small chest part is insufficient, the chest can be effectively close to the underwear by using the chest sticker to increase the shape and fullness.

6. Is there a better choice?

In fact, during the use of chest stickers, we can also use some other substitutes to achieve the same effect, such as built -in steel wire or coats of underwear.The inner steel wire of the underwear can provide better support. The coaster can make the chest more three -dimensional, firmer, and tall.

7. Select according to personal needs

In the end, we need to choose the chest paste or coaster that suits them according to the characteristics of personal figure, facial contour.At the same time, you need to pay attention to ensure that the purchased underwear is comfortable and in line with your body.Underwear should confirm quality and materials during customization or purchase to ensure the comfort, support and safety of wearing.

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8. Conclusion

You must choose carefully for sexy underwear without sticking chest stickers!Under the premise of ensuring comfort and sexuality, it is necessary to choose the type and brand that suits you according to your needs.Paste the chest is suitable for small breasts, but for large breasts, it is not a recommended choice.In the end, we need to choose the appropriate underwear according to our own needs to ensure that keeping the body in a state of relaxation, happiness, health and beauty while maintaining sexy.