International high -end sex lingerie brand

International high -end sex lingerie brand

Introduction: The rise of sexy underwear

As a new concept, sexy underwear has become popular worldwide.The international high -end sexy underwear brand is one of the best. This article will introduce some high -end sexy underwear brands from the international internationally.

La Perla: top European brand

La Perla is a sexy underwear brand from Italy and enjoys a high reputation in Europe.La Perla’s product style is unique, novel, and sophisticated, and has won the love of modern women in Europe and major cities around the world.

Victoria ’s Secret: Fashion Pioneer

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Victoria ’s Secret is a sexy underwear brand from the United States with a long history since the 1890s.She has become a global fashion pioneer based on top supermodels, exquisite product design, and joint promotion with international big names.

Aubade: Classic French style

AUBADE is a French sexy underwear brand. With its colorful, precise design, and classic French style, it is widely liked by women around the world.Although its classic style is not the most popular in the market, for consumers who pursue brand value and cultural connotation, Aubade will always enjoy the prestige.

Agent Provocateur: Sexy and Beauty

Agent Provocateur from Britain is a sexy underwear brand known for sexy.She has become a representative of international sexy and beautiful for fine design, sophisticated materials, and perfect texture.

Bordelle: Unique luxury

Bordelle is a British brand, which was founded in 2007.Her unique style, the use of innovative materials, very sexy and luxurious, has achieved her position in the fashion industry.

Coco de Mer: literary atmosphere

Coco de MER from the UK is one of the brands of international sexy admiration.Her style adopts a large number of lace and perspective design, with a Gothic literary atmosphere, which is highly sought after by fashion people.


Fleur Du Mal: Modern Fashion

Fleur Du Mal, which is from the United States, young brands represent completely unusual women’s underwear style.This modern fashion taste is refreshing and welcomed by urban women.

Myla: Elegant and charming

As a British high -end sexy underwear brand, Myla has exquisite design and exquisite style, showing the extraordinary value and cultural connotation of the brand.This elegant and charming design style has attracted much attention in the international market.

Agent Provocateur vs Victoria ’s Secret

From the two most successful lingerie brands in the world, we can see that sexy and charm are the king of women.Agent Provocateur focuses on sexy. Excellent technology and high -quality materials make this brand of underwear impeccable.And Victoria ’s Secret uses stunts as spokespersons, and uses many beautiful and gorgeous elements to integrate into the design to bring together fashionable urban girls in various countries.

Conclusion: The future of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not only a fashionable display and operation, but also the protection and care of women’s physical and mental.In the future, with the promotion of various design and innovation, it is believed that sexy underwear can bring more confidence and charm to every woman.