Is the sexy underwear confidential courier?

Sex underwear confidentiality

For many people, buying sexy underwear may be troubled by confidential reasons.They are worried that the courier or others will know the products they buy, causing embarrassment and inconvenience.So, is the sexy underwear confidential express?

Definition of confidential express delivery

First of all, we need to clarify what is confidential express delivery.Confidential express delivery, as the name implies, refers to a special mechanism in terms of parcel treatment and logistics aspects of express delivery services for sensitive or personal items, and regulations to ensure the personal privacy of users.For private underwear such as sexy underwear, the general confidential courier requirement is that it does not indicate any information related to the product type, brand, and names on the outer layer of the parcel, and only marks basic information such as names, telephones, and addresses.

Sexual underwear confidential courier methods

In order to ensure privacy, most sexy underwear websites will promise confidential express delivery and take some measures.For example, the delicate sexy underwear is generally packed with special bags or boxes, instead of installing it directly with a courier bag outside, so that even if the package is opened, it will not be too embarrassing.

Falling underwear packaging logo

Many sexy underwear websites will directly indicate "adult products" or "sex products", which is not friendly to confidentiality.However, there are also some sexy underwear websites that will use a more mild identification method, such as "female underwear" or "sexy underwear".This identification method is more vague than direct marking, and it is closer to the range of identification allowed by the courier company.

Choice of buying channels

In addition to confidential courier methods, it is also very important to choose the right purchase channel.Some large e -commerce platforms, such as Taobao,, because of the rich types of products, it is difficult to identify what is sexy underwear. Although there will be sensitive signs such as "adult products", the probability of being discovered is relatively small.And some sexy underwear franchise websites, their sexy lingerie categories are clear, and courier companies are more likely to identify the nature of related items.

Express company’s commitment

In order to ensure user privacy, in addition to the packaging identification method adopted by the sex underwear website, many courier companies also provide users with confidential express services.For example, SF’s full name (SF Express) is abbreviated as "SF", which is convenient for users to better avoid being disturbed by courier.

The difference between big cities and small towns

In big cities, we can choose to take the courier site by ourselves so that the sexy underwear is sent to the apartment or office and other places to increase the privacy.In the small town, sex underwear is also sent to a friend’s courier cabinet. It is also a good choice.

Avoid being replaced by the consignee

In order to prevent the wrong door, wrong goods, and replacement of names during delivery, it is recommended to try to be as detailed when filling in the consignee information, including name, phone, address, house number, etc.In addition, it is recommended to use the payment transaction method, so as to confirm the order and the consignee identity, and avoid sending the parcel to the non -me.


Generally speaking, sexy underwear can indeed be guaranteed by selecting regular sexy underwear websites, using confidential courier methods, and choosing reliable express companies to ensure. HoweverAvoid using unsafe WiFi network purchases, avoiding the consignee’s identity and being replaced.Only by considering various factors can we ensure the maximum protection of personal privacy when buying sexy underwear.

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