Taobao sex underwear strange bad review

Background of Wonderful Evaluation

Taobao sex underwear is a shopping platform selected by a large number of users in recent years. There are many merchants, rich goods, value -for -money, and user evaluations are uneven. Among them, there are some strange and bad reviews.In addition to making people cry and laughing, these bad reviews also have adverse effects on merchants and other consumers.Here are several typical erotic lingerie wonders.

"The underwear is stinky, it should be low -grade"

The customer bought an adult erotic underwear, but after receiving the goods, he found a bit of odor, so he gave a star bad review and said, "This brand is low -grade, that is, the general public image, the quality is very average, and the market is in the market, and the market is in the market.The above is not enough. "In fact, some special materials and spices will be used during the production process, so there will be some odor, but it does not mean inferior quality.

"The size is wrong and cannot be worn"

The consumer purchased a set of European and American style, but he could only look at the clothes after choosing the wrong size, so he gave a stars.In fact, the sexy underwear merchants on Taobao will clearly mark the size reference information and provide exchanges. Consumers need to pay attention to read the product details and the size list before buying.

"Underwear falls into eyes"

Some consumers purchased a set of delicate beauty sexy underwear, but they found that they were seriously falling off while wearing, so they wrote in the comments: "Underwear and beam pants together, it is very tipper, and it fell several times in the bathroom. Finally, one day one day.一不小心掉在朋友家了,真的丢人。”事实上,如果内衣脱落,很有可能是尺码选小或者未正确系扣带导致的,消费者需要注意选择合适尺码并正确穿着才能避免这Make problems.

"The color of the underwear does not match the online picture"

The consumer purchased a set of sexual relationship with sexy underwear, but after receiving the goods, he found that the color was inconsistent with the online pictures, so he felt deceived and gave a star difference.In fact, the pictures provided by Taobao sex underwear merchants may be affected by various factors such as light and color calibration, and they cannot be completely consistent with the real objects. Consumers need to understand this and try to consult the merchant or look at real pictures before buying.

"There are stains on the underwear, dare not wear it"

Some consumers found that there were stains on the beauty underwear and did not dare to wear it, so I wrote in the comments: "Received the goods, not at first glance…. "In fact, this situation may be stain during the postal process, and the vast majority of Taobao sex underwear merchants will have quality inspection and packaging links, and will not send defective underwear to consumers.

"The quality is too bad, it will be broken as soon as we wear"

Some consumers buy sexy underwear in a few days of damage or flaws, and wrote in the comments: "Half a small hole, gorgeous fried, and wearing it once." In fact, Taobao sex lingerie is allAfter multiple craftsmanship, if the damage occurs, it may be caused by consumers who do not pay attention when wearing or cleaning, and the merchant also has a after -sales processing mechanism.

"The size is not appropriate, it cannot be returned"

Some consumers chose the wrong size and wanted to refund the product, but found that the merchant did not support the refund, so I wrote in the comments: "The size of the size is large, the merchant said that it does not support the refund, it is useless to buy it." However, Taobao sex lingerieMost of the merchants will provide return and exchange services, but under some special circumstances, consumers may pay attention to check the merchant regulations before buying.

"Insufficient sexy"

Some consumers did not think they did not think of sexy after buying sexy underwear, so they wrote in the comments: "The underwear is far from the sexy displayed on the official website. It is very average.In the end, the definition and standards of sexy underwear are not static. Different brands and different styles will have different design concepts and styles. Consumers need to treat this rationally.

"Environmental protection logo is fake"

Some merchants will advertise their sexy underwear are environmentally friendly products, but some consumers find that the environmental protection logo on the underwear is not real after buying, so in the bad review: "The green logo on the underwear is fake, the instructions and clothes and clothesThe names indicated on the same are inconsistent, and it looks a bit deceiving. "In fact, most Taobao sex underwear merchants will truly marked the materials and ingredients of the product. Consumers need to pay attention to check and verify it carefully.


In summary, there are many strange evaluations of Taobao sex underwear, but it does not represent the level of the entire industry. Consumers need to have strong cultural quality, consumption concepts and skills, pay attention to choosing good merchants and brands, read carefully to read carefully, and read carefully.Comment and product details, reference to various factors rationally and eventually make wise purchase decisions.

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