Office novels in sex lingerie

Office novels in sex lingerie

1. Unexpectedly wearing

It was very stupid and naive. On the way to work, Anan mixed the sexy underwear in his laundry basket into the work clothes in the office.Then, in the surprise of everyone and her own embarrassment, she ran to the toilet and took off the pink underwear.

Secretary of embarrassment

The intimate clothes deviate from the normal dressing rules in the office.President Lu was surprised.Manager Zhao stared at it and said nothing.Other colleagues looked curiously and sneered.At that moment, Anan hated her negligence, and she left the entanglement of emotion to the embarrassment of horror.

Third, the sudden courage

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Over time, Anan decided to take action in a bad situation.In the surprise and laughter of many people, she broke the atmosphere of this aerobic compound and nitrogen compound, told them her mistakes, threw out her underwear, and apologized.At this time, she got the understanding and sympathy of other colleagues, and she further changed.

Fourth, new self -cognition

She realized that this embarrassing situation was no longer embarrassing in her workplace.However, she still guards other office employees and feels that she has surpassed the convention, but in fact she did not.In fact, others began to accept her and share their similarity.

5. Diversified underwear style

In such an environment, Anan and her colleagues began to share the personalized concepts of fashion and clothing, and were liberated from the professional office.They believe that wearing a beautiful and unique underwear in the office is a novel and cool thing.

6. Efforts to integrate into the group

However, new ideas in this group still need to adapt.In the process of sharing each other, Anan and her colleagues found that changes in visual effects can bring people awareness and respect for personalized styles, and this style can even become a signboard, making them easier to be recognized and easily recognized andaccept.

7. Acknowledge your style

With the formation of this Snug and Sexy gathering body, Anan no longer feels introverted and unconfident, but gradually develops its own personality taste, and it is more proactive and strongly displayed.Now, people have realized that sex underwear is very helpful for improving employees’ self -confidence and work performance.

Thigh High

Eight, both internal and external

Sometimes the external image and inner materials are fundamentally determined.Both Anan and her colleagues admit that wearing appropriate and tasteful underwear can indeed make their daily wear better and diverse.

Nine, the balance of life and work

However, sexy lingerie is not always suitable for wearing in the office.Before work, people need to consider the style, color and design of underwear rationally.People need to fully consider the situation and ensure that dressing will not damage the professional image and culture of the workplace.

10. Summary view

In the work culture of modern women, the explosion of individuality and independent thinking has become a advantage.Wearing sex underwear may be a way to show your personality, but you need to pay attention to decentness and respect the attacks of customers and colleagues.The choice of office clothes should follow the company’s regulations and pay attention to its own image, but don’t forget your personality and taste.In the balance of work and life, choosing a suitable and high -quality sexy underwear will help improve the self -image and taste of employees.