Open the stall underwear Interesting sheets

Open the stall underwear Interesting sheets

Open crotch underwear is a kind of sexy underwear. Combining men’s physical needs with women’s interest needs has become the choice of more and more people.However, when choosing an open crotch underwear, what problems do you need to pay attention to?Next, this article will introduce you to the relevant information about the open crotch underwear.

1. What is open crotch underwear

Open crotch underwear is a kind of sexy underwear. It is usually designed as an open crotch to meet the needs of male sexual desire and provide visual and emotional stimuli to women.Basically, open crotch underwear can be divided into two categories, namely details open crotch and large -scale open crotch.

Details are usually only open crotch in key parts, while large -scale open crotch is open underwear.

2. Types of open crotch underwear

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There are many types of open crotch underwear, such as thongs, T pants, cat women’s suits, etc.The following is a detailed introduction to the characteristics of various types of open crotch underwear.

1. Through pants

Through pants are the favorite of many men.It has a special structure and is designed as two thin band connections to easily access the top or bottom.Thong pants can be used with many different sexy underwear.

2.T pants

T pants are another very popular open crotch underwear, with refreshing and simple design, but can still provide many visual and emotional pleasure.Because this type of underwear is open, it is more suitable for men.

3. Cat and women’s set

Cat women’s suits are generally composed of suits, mage robes, socks and hoods.This kind of open crotch underwear has produced a lot of changes, from material to styles, reaching countless combinations.The unique design of this underwear can make women’s body more tempting.

Third, open crotch underwear availability

Although it is troublesome to listen to the open crotch underwear, it can actually be very comfortable and convenient, as long as you choose the correct size.Of course, this is the same for women and men.The design of the underwear should be closely fitted with the skin, and should not bring discomfort to feel.

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4. How to choose the right open crotch underwear

When buying open crotch underwear, make sure you choose the size that suits you.In addition, please pay attention to manufacturing materials and styles.If you are using this type of underwear for the first time, it is better to choose a style similar to your clothing or underwear you usually wear.

5. Common open crotch underwear fabrics

Various different open crotch underwear fabrics can provide different feelings and textures.Open panties and other open panties are usually made of thin and soft fabrics, while cat women’s suits need to be softer and comfortable materials. Cotton, silk, polyester and elastic cloth can be used in open crotch underwear.

6. Maintenance and maintenance of open crotch underwear

Open crotch underwear needs to be carefully cleaned and maintained like other clothes.Please use the instructions on the label to clean, use the clothing cleaning agent similar to the color and avoid alkaline cleaning agents. Do not dehydrate with hot water to avoid the shape of the underwear distorted or lost.

Seven, the use scene of open crotch underwear

Underwear can be worn in public, but improper use may affect sight.Of course, it is best to use open crotch underwear only between two people.When you wear it, you will feel happy and satisfied.

8. The advantages and disadvantages of open crotch underwear

1. Advantages: open crotch underwear can meet the sexual needs of many men, and women can also get pleasure and satisfaction from it.

2. Disadvantages: open crotch underwear may be difficult to hide, so it is best to wear only between two people.

Nine, how to buy open crotch underwear

It is important to understand some basic knowledge before buying open crotch underwear.You need to determine the size and style, and check the quality and fabric.When you first use underwear, you better choose simple styles and decide whether to buy more complicated styles after use.

10. Conclusion

Open crotch underwear is a kind of sexy underwear, with its unique design and advantages.When choosing and wearing, make sure to choose the size and style that suits you.Maintenance and maintenance is also very important.While enjoying this pleasure on appropriate occasions, we must also pay attention not to affect other people and abide by safety and moral standards.