Pinduoduo releases sexy underwear to be rejected

Pinduoduo releases sexy underwear to be rejected

Background introduction

Pinduoduo is a rapidly rising e -commerce platform, and has become one of China’s major online shopping channels in just a few years.However, Pinduoduo recently released a new product of sexy underwear, but has been rejected.

Pinduoduo sex lingerie new product release

Pinduoduo recently released a series of new sexy lingerie products, which involve the adult field.Sex underwear is usually sexy, gender and private products, and only a specific user group will buy.

The popularity of sexy underwear advertisements on various platforms

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With the popularity of sexy underwear, major e -commerce platforms have begun to launch related products, such as Taobao and Jingdong.These platforms achieve this goal by allowing some sexy underwear merchants to sell and promote sexy underwear on their websites.

Interesting underwear promotion is different from other products

However, the promotion and sales of sexy underwear are very different from other products.Sex underwear usually uses explicit languages and pictures during publicity. Their purpose is to attract consumers’ attention, which may cause some controversy in advertising.

The reasons for the rejection of Pinduoduo underwear products

Pinduoduo’s decision to release sexy underwear products was opposed by netizens because their promotion methods were too explicit and did not meet social moral standards.In addition, some media also said that Pinduoduo did not conduct effective review in the promotion of sexy underwear.

Pinduoduo should strengthen the audit mechanism

The release of new sexy underwear products for Pinduoduo has been rejected because the company does not fully review the promotional language and pictures of sexy underwear products.If Pinduoduo wants to continue to develop in the field of erotic underwear, they should strengthen the publicity and review mechanism to ensure that their product propaganda meets social moral standards.

Impact of propaganda methods

The advertising method of sexy underwear in the e -commerce industry is a more sensitive issue.Although the propaganda method of sexy underwear has its particularity, the platform should still consider the impact of propaganda methods carefully.Do not discriminate against gender or blasphemy.


Pinduoduo product publicity public opinion

Pinduoduo’s sexy underwear has been rejected, reflecting that social moral standards have become increasingly watched in the field of e -commerce.As a platform, Pinduoduo should respect social moral standards and should not allow any controversial content to be reviewed.This can also establish a fair market environment.

Pinduoduo should re -examine the release of new products of sexy underwear

Under the standards of social morality, Pinduoduo’s release of sexy underwear should be criticized.The company should re -examine the content of their products, strengthen the audit mechanism to ensure that their products can still meet market demand while following their social moral standards, and provide consumers with richer choices.

in conclusion

As a unique product, sexy underwear requires e -commerce platforms to carefully review and manage it.Pinduoduo’s newly released event releases have reminded e -commerce companies to respect the importance of social ethics and carefully consider advertising propaganda methods.Only in this way can such products better serve market demand on the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations, while providing reasonable choices for consumers.