Sending underwear sent shooting review needs to be naked

Sending underwear sent shooting review needs to be naked

Interest underwear is a way to make women more confident and beautiful, and sexy underwear shooting is a way for buyers to better understand the product.However, some erotic underwear sent a website to take nude photos to upload product photos. This approach has caused controversy to a certain extent.The following is some explanations and views about the review of sexy underwear.

1. What is sexy underwear for review review

Sending underwear posting review refers to the review of the product photos uploaded by the user uploaded by the online sex lingerie platform and refuses to comply with the specified picture.In order to better understand the materials, tailoring and suitable people, some platforms require the auditors to upload nude photos wearing a corresponding erotic underwear.

2. Why do I need to upload nude photos

Traditional foreign erotic underwear platforms generally need to upload photos of models wearing underwear, but because of the different forms of human body, this approach cannot fully show the effect of underwear.In order to better display the effects and realism of underwear, some platforms require users to upload nude photos wearing underwear and keep the reviewers’ personal information and privacy confidential to ensure safety.

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3. Do you need to be naked to be naked in compliance?

The practice of sending nakedness caused some discussions.Some people think that this approach is a manifestation of privacy and dignity. In fact, it is not.The auditors can choose to change the sensitive parts, or stick to the cover behind them to protect their privacy.

Fourth, the problems existing in naked review

Although the nude review can better display the effect of underwear, there are some problems with this approach.The consideration of the personal privacy of the reviewer is one of them. In addition, if these photos are used maliciously, it will adversely affect the image and reputation of the auditor.

5. How to reduce the review of the review requires naked

In order to reduce the problems of naked naked audits, the platform can take some measures: increase the audit personnel, stricter supervision of the audit process, and allow the auditors to send photos of the previous parts.In short, the need to shoot naked is not unpredictable.

6. Sending underwear for shooting review needs to be naked to shoot naked

Interest underwear is a special clothing. It needs more information when displaying and selling. Nude photos can more accurately display the effect of underwear, which is very important for buyers.Therefore, the necessity of making naked underwear for sex underwear is existing.

Seven, user authorization issues


Users to upload nude photos need to be confirmed. At the same time, the platform also needs to protect the user’s privacy information and collect, use, and store personal information reasonably.If the platform does not operate at will with the user’s permission, it will involve the problem of user authorization, which may have a adverse effect on the platform’s credit and image.

8. How to choose a sexy underwear and shooting platform

When choosing a sexy underwear delivery platform, users need to pay attention to the protection of the platform’s privacy and whether to collect high commission.At the same time, it is necessary to consider the credibility and popularity of the platform, understand the evaluation and experience of other users, and choose a more suitable platform.


In short, there are some controversy and troubles that need to be naked in sex underwear.The platform should take better measures to protect the privacy of the auditors and users, and provide better display results, thereby enhancing the understanding and trust of the buyer’s understanding and trust, and further developing this potential market.