Sex underwear couple stimulate SM

Sex underwear couple stimulate SM

Sex underwear couple stimulate SM: explore new sexual ways

Interest underwear is the most extensive toy in a modern erotic society. Whether you are men or women, the pursuit of sex toys and sexual ways is always continuously upgraded.Of course, if you want to try some new stimuli or then the couple stimulus SM is one of the best ways to try.With the help of sexy underwear, you can explore all kinds of new sex skills, so as to establish a more intimate and interesting sex relationship with your partner.

1. The definition of couples stimulate SM

The full name of SM is the naked gaeal horse, which means a series of sexual behaviors similar to restraint, control and punishment.In fact, the real purpose of SM is to understand each other and get a certain degree of physical and emotional satisfaction through each other.

2. The advantage of husband and wife stimulus SM

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SM has many advantages. The most important thing is to improve the inadequate sexual life between couples and promote emotional connection.In addition, SM can improve people’s interest in life and get more joy and pleasure.

3. The important role of sexy underwear on SM

Sex underwear has an important role in SM, which is manifested in the following aspects:

First of all, sexy underwear can be used as a prop, making sex more rich and interestingEssenceIt can not only make people feel more interested, but also promote the emotional relationship between the two and make them closer.

Secondly, sexy underwear can be used as a identity identity, making it easier for us to understand each otherEssenceBy wearing or using erotic underwear, we can more easily identify each other’s sexual or preferences, preferences, and hobbies.

Finally, sexy underwear can be used as a way of empowerment, making sexual relationships more equalEssenceDifferent erotic underwear represents different personalities and appearances. By choosing the right sexy underwear, we can make each other feel more comfortable and free.

4. Common sexy underwear types

In SM sex underwear, the most common types include thongs, net socks, leather clothes, ropes, and so on.These erotic underwear have a personalized, stylish and sexy style, and can easily immerse them in the pleasure of sex.

5. Suggestions for the purchase of sexy underwear


There are many things to consider to ensure that you choose the sexy underwear that is best for you and your partner.Here are the choice suggestions we provide:

Consider the size: choose sexy underwear suitable for your body size, and ensure that the size is appropriateEssence

Materials and design: choose comfortable, easy to clean, fashion and personalized designEssence

Safety: Choose cleanliness, completely toxic and fragrant sexy underwearEssence

6. How to meet the needs of both parties

In order to meet the needs of both parties, we need to communicate with each other to understand each other’s ideas and preferences.Only after understanding each other’s needs can we choose the appropriate sexy underwear and the most appropriate way to start the SM journey.

7. Preparation of SM Journey

Before starting the SM journey, you must prepare well, including the following aspects:

Setting rules: clearly specify the range of SM, including when to start, when the end, and behavior method, etc.Essence

Prepare prop: Prepare some props that meet SM needs, such as massage, colored pupils, masks, superb products, etc.Essence

Establishing safety factors: During the SM behavior, you need to pay attention to safety factors and consider how to help deal with emergencies at any timeEssence

8. Precautions for husbands and wives to stimulate SM

In the SM journey, you also need to pay attention to the following aspects to ensure the safety and comfort of both parties:

Long water flow: start with a soft way, gradually strengthenEssence

Communication: In SM behavior, the two parties need to communicate at all times to ensure that each other’s feelings, ideas and needs are understood and respectedEssence

Safety care: After SM, you must leave enough time for yourself and your partner to recover. Pay attention to physical changesEssence

9. Pay attention to the stimulation of SM

Before starting the SM journey, there are some points to pay attention to grasp:

First of all, do not ignore the safety factors, such as contraception, AIDS, and other sexually transmitting diseases, etc.Essence

Second, you need to fully understand the health of both parties, and choose the appropriate SM methodEssence

Finally, SM behavior must be based on the consent and respect of both partiesEssence

10. Summary

In summary of the above articles, sexy underwear, as a sex toy, can inject new vitality and passion into the relationship between husband and wife, making sex more interesting and rich.SM is a way of using sex underwear to satisfy each other’s joy and joy through physical and emotional interactions.Before implementing SM, you need to be careful and consider the wishes, needs and security factors of both parties to ensure the greatest satisfaction of the two parties in the SM journey.