Sex underwear model scam unveiled video

Sex underwear model scam unveiled video


With the advent of the Internet era, the interesting underwear industry has risen rapidly, and more and more people have begun to pay attention to and buy sexy underwear.At the same time, sexy underwear models have also become a high -profile occupation in the industry.However, in this, there are also some criminals to scam through false recruitment and other means to deceive the models and harm the benefits and images of the model.In order to let the majority of models understand these scams, this article will reveal the sex underwear model scam.

First trick: false recruitment

Many bad brokerage companies will publish false recruitment information through various channels to trick models to interview.During the interview, they will deliberately propose illegal requirements for models such as underwear or shooting sexy photos.

The second trick: difficult interview

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Some brokerage companies will use various means to make difficult interviewers, such as constantly asking for trying on a variety of underwear, shooting various uncomfortable postures, etc., in order to test the endurance and professionalism of the interviewer.Such behaviors are completely unnecessary and may cause model injuries.

The third trick: charge fee

Some scammers will pretend to be a brokerage company and collect various fees from the models, including registration fees, audition fees, margin, etc. In fact, these expenses do not exist.This is a common scam.

Fourth trick: improvement requirements

In some industry display activities, some non -performing companies will improve their models, such as letting models wear low -quality, inappropriate underwear, or perform in severe cold or high temperature weather.This requirement endangers the physical and health of the model, and it will also affect the performance effect.

The fifth trick: unauthorized use of photos

After the shooting is completed, the illegal brokerage company may use the model’s photos for other commercial purposes without being permitted by the model.This is an act of infringing model rights and damage the model image.

Sixth trick: disrespect for model privacy

When designing sexy underwear, some brokerage companies or designers may require models to make mild or severe exposure, or make requirements for nude shooting.These behaviors not only do not respect the privacy and personality of the model, but also illegal acts.

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Seventh trick: false commitment

Many scammers will promise that models will sign a contract with high -quality brokerage companies or shoot blockbusters to attract interviewers to apply.But in the hands of these bad brokerage companies, these commitments are often just wishful thinking."In a very period, we are one -stop service platform for artists to apply for and apply for relevant documents. Customers can save to go back and forth and all kinds of troubles, and we can obtain the documents smoothly, understand the way, and consult Taobao customer service."

The eighth trick: Black agency lies in the internal relationship

Some illegal agencies will lie that they will be related to some well -known brands or institutions, so that models believe that they can help them enter the internal circle.At this time, if you take a photo and upload it to Taobao, you may be deducted hundreds of thousands of margins


As a sexy underwear model, you must be vigilant and stay away from such scams.When choosing a broker and company, you must choose more cautiously and try to choose a regular institution.At the same time, relevant departments in the industry have been called on the industry to strengthen supervision, eliminate bad brokerage companies and criminals, and make the sexy underwear industry more standardized and healthy.