Sex underwear should be worn or do you want to wear

Sex underwear should be worn or do you want to wear

The wearing of sexy underwear is related to health

The dressing of sexy underwear is not only related to sexy, beautiful, but also to health.Due to the differences in the material and style of sexy underwear, the way of dressing should be different.Here are some ways to wear and related suggestions for sexy underwear.


The bra is one of the most commonly worn underwear worn by women. It can not only support the chest, but also shape a beautiful chest shape.However, if you wear improperly, it will cause health problems.It is recommended to choose the right size and style to avoid too tight or too loose.In addition, you should choose different underwear every day to avoid long -term compression of the chest.


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Underwear is one of the most basic sexy underwear for women. Persist in changing clean underwear is a necessary condition for maintaining private health.Choose a material with good breathability, such as cotton or silk, do not choose nylon texture or other artificial fibers, because these materials will make the private parts unable to breathe, and it is easy to breed bacteria in a humid environment.


The suspender is a very sexy and beautiful sexy underwear, but it is not suitable for long -term wear, because it has a greater pressure on the shoulders.If you have to wear a suspender, it is recommended to replace different ways of dressing every day to reduce pressure on the shoulders and necks.

Interesting dress

Interest dresses are a very sexy sexy underwear, but it is not suitable for wearing outside because it cannot give enough support and protection.Therefore, it is recommended to use the sex dress as a prop to use the props to use it in the bedroom.


Stockings are sexy and elegant sexy lingerie, which can beautify the legs of the legs and increase the mystery of women.However, if it is not worn properly, it is easy to cause the leg venous tension and blood circulation disorders.It is recommended to choose the size and thickness that suits you, and check whether the intravenous veins are checked before.


Body -shaping pants are a sexy underwear that can shape curves, but it should not be too long, otherwise it will affect pregnancy and postpartum recovery.In addition, before wearing body shaping pants, you should check whether the size of the pants should be appropriate to avoid causing stuck legs and blocking lymphatic vessels.

Sexy Lingerie

Erotic pajama

Interest pajamas are a sense of relaxed and comfortable sexy underwear, especially in summer.It is recommended to choose a material with good breathability, such as cotton or silk texture, and choose pajamas that are suitable for your body size to avoid affecting sleep quality.

Milk sticker

Milk stickers are a more comfortable sexy underwear.If you do not wear a bra, it is recommended to use breathing and comfortable milk stickers to avoid the embarrassment of nipple penetrating clothes or penetrating thin coats.

Interest underwear is not all lost

Although the wearing of sexy underwear can increase charm and confidence, this does not mean that it is foolproof.If wearing underwear properly, it will not only affect physical health, but also affect the dressing effect.Therefore, choosing a sexy underwear that is suitable for your body and needs, the correct method of dressing is a prerequisite for maintaining health and beauty.

in conclusion

The correct method and suggestion of wearing sexy underwear are important conditions for maintaining health and beauty. Each woman should engage in relevant knowledge and choose underwear suitable for their body and needs.