Sex underwear system

Sex underwear system

Sex underwear system

Material selection

There are many types of materials used in sex underwear, but common ones are lace, silk, cotton, polyester fiber, etc.Different materials have different feel and texture. When making, you need to choose the corresponding materials according to the design style and use of clothing.

Size design

The design of sexy underwear size requires more accurate, because comfort is very important for underwear.Different sizes require different fabrics and styles, so it is necessary to carry out reasonable size planning according to different needs.

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Underwear structure

Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is more complicated.Because improper cutting can cause uncomfortable underwear and waste of materials, the structure of the underwear needs to be detailed to determine the size and proportion of each fabric and components.

Cutting and sewing

Cutting and sewing are very important links in the process of making sex underwear.When cutting, the measurement value is accurately marked according to the design drawings of the underwear, and the protection of materials and cloth must be focused on the protection of materials and cloth.Pay attention to the treatment of the head head when sewing. The exquisite and professional sewing effect is one of the important factors to ensure the quality of the underwear.


The details of sexy underwear need to pay special attention, such as the design of the lace edge, the adjustment of the back suspender, etc. These details affect the sexy level of the underwear.Therefore, during the production process, special attention should be paid to the treatment of these details to improve the overall quality of the underwear.

Use of craftsmanship

In the process of making sexy underwear, special attention needs to be paid to the use of craftsmanship.Different processes can give underwear unique styles and sexuality, such as littering craftsmanship, anti -stand -up process, and so on.Reasonable process use can make underwear more seductive in quality.

Color design

Bustiers & Corsets

The color design of sexy underwear has a large extent on the sexyness of the underwear.For example, black, red, and purple are common colors of sexy underwear. Reasonable colors can also improve the fashion of underwear.Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of color when designing, so that the underwear is more attractive.

Test and quality inspection

After the production of sexy underwear is completed, quality testing is required to ensure that the product meets the relevant standards and has good performance and comfort.Tests include liberal arts and color difference tests, washing tests, etc. to ensure product quality stability.

New product launch and market feedback

The demand for the sexy underwear market is changing fast. Manufacturers need to accurately capture the needs of consumers, and timely launch a sexy lingerie style suitable for the market.At the same time, it is necessary to collect feedback and suggestions in the market in time, continuously optimize products, and increase brand awareness and reputation.

Interesting underwear is a highly required underwear, which requires high -quality materials, meticulous production process and superb craftsmanship.Only in this way can it meet the needs of consumers and truly show the sexy and fashionable of the underwear.