Sexual underwear slot point explanation video website

Sexual underwear slot point explanation video website


With the rapid development of commercialization and the Internet, the sex products industry has gradually entered people’s vision in China and has become a hot topic.In this industry, sexy underwear has received widespread attention and sought after.The design and style of sexy underwear today have surpassed our imagination.Due to our needs, attempts and needs, more and more sexy underwear on the market is on the market.However, how to get authoritative knowledge about sexy underwear and correct choices have become many people.In this context, the video website of erotic underwear explained was born.

Slot 1: Pay attention to the explanation of makeup and styling

In sexy underwear explanation videos, many video producers prefer to explain makeup, hairstyle and clothing, and are slightly shallow for real sexy underwear structure and function explanations.

Slot 2: No brand introduction

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As a special type of clothing, many consumers are more concerned about brand quality and reputation.However, some well -known brands have been introduced, which affects consumers’ purchase decisions.

Slot point 3: Insufficient demonstration of different skin tone

In China, due to the differences in human skin tone, wearing the same sexy underwear on different people is different.However, many videos do not demonstrate different skin colors of sexy underwear, which only introduces one skin color display effect.

Sink 4: Size matching

Different people wear the same fun underwear effects. However, in the explanation video, there is no demonstration of underwear suitable for different figures, which will cause some consumers to have problems due to the wrong size selection when ordering.

Slot point 5: Material explanation is missing

The material of sexy underwear is also one of the important factors that determine its comfort and wear resistance, but the video is rarely explained in the video.

Sink 6: Insufficient experience

Many erotic underwear functions can only be experienced after use, but there are few real descriptions of usage in the video. Many simply say a comfortable or sexy, lack of specific trial experience.

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Slot point 7: Lack of demonstrations in different occasions

The dressing of sexy underwear on different occasions is particularly important, but there are few demonstrations and introductions worn on different occasions in the video, and they cannot provide consumers with ideal wearing solutions and inspiration.

Slot 8: Excessive exaggeration

In many sexy underwear explanations, when it comes to sexy and interesting, the describer’s tone is too exaggerated, not in line with the Chinese taste.

Slot point 9: Limitation

As a special type of clothing, sexy underwear has great limitations when involving some sensitive topics, and many explanations have not discussed the root causes and reasons for this limitations.

Slot 10: Slow content update

As an emerging industry type, sexy underwear is extremely fast. New brands, new slogans and new styles have emerged in the market, but the content updates of many sexy underwear video websites have not kept up with the rhythm of the market, resulting in insufficient audience experience.

in conclusion

Although the sexy lingerie explanation video website provides consumers with a way to quickly understand the erotic underwear, but in the existing situation, video producers should further improve their understanding and professionalism of sexy underwear.It is recommended that sexy underwear video websites strengthen explanations on brand introduction and display demonstrations in different occasions, and at the same time increase different skin tone and figure dressing experience, so as to make the sexy underwear video website a more professional and instructive sexy underwear promotion platform.