Sexuality Fun underwear Visatability

Sexuality Fun underwear Visatability

What is sexual emotional and interesting underwear and transmitting clothing

Sexual emotional and interesting underwear transmittance refers to underwear designed with transparent or translucent materials, which can show women’s body curves and create a sexy and tempting effect.The perspective is usually bolder, which is not suitable for daily wear. It is more used in sex shops or beds to bring a different kind of sex experience.

Types of perspective

The perspective is roughly divided into two categories. One is translucent lace products. This perspective maintains a certain mystery and can better cover the body’s defects.shape.The other is a completely transparent style. This style is more bold, completely exposing the body’s curve, giving a very bold feeling.

How to choose perspective installation

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When choosing a see -through outfit, you must first consider your body, which is suitable for your own style to better show your advantages.The second is to look at the material. You must choose good texture and comfortable materials. It is not only comfortable to wear, but also not easy to produce a sense of irritation. It also depends on whether there is allergies and whether it is suitable for your skin. This is also very important.

When it is suitable to wear see -through outfits

Perspective installations are generally not suitable for daily wear. It can be used as a special sexual product. It can be used for occasions such as candlelight dinner, birthday party or Valentine’s Day, etc., which can make you more confident, achieve sexy effects, and bring differentiated effects.The pleasure.

Perspective matching

Perspective installations are usually used in conjunction with other sex products, such as handcuffs, blindfolders, whip, etc.Be careful when matching sex products, do not stimulate the part that the other party does not like, do not cause psychological damage of the other party.You can build a imaginative sex world full of imagination according to the preferences of both parties.

Perspective maintenance

Perspective outfits are a relatively special underwear that require special maintenance and cleaning.Generally speaking, the perspective is not suitable for cleaning with a washing machine.When washing, avoid using a detergent with a bleached agent, and avoid rubbing, twisting and exposure to avoid deformation or damage to the material.

Challenge of Perspective

Perspective installation can bring a new sex experience, but when challenging the perspective, you must pay attention to your body. Don’t be too indulgent, pay attention to safety, avoid excessive impulse and the opponent’s dislike.


Market status of perspective installation

With the continuous opening of people’s sexual concepts, see -through outfits have also attracted more and more attention from the market. Now many sexual emotional and interesting underwear brands have launched a see -through outfit series to meet the needs of the market.Moreover, with the continuous upgrading of technology and material technology, the styles of see -through outfits on the market are now more diverse, bringing users a more comfortable and visual impact fashion experience.

Value of Perspective

Perspective installation is not only a sexual product, but also a means of self -expression and emotional expression of women.Women can show their beauty and sexy through perspective, enhance self -confidence, and increase their charm.At the same time, perspective is also an art that allows people to appreciate the beauty of women’s bodies, experience sexual pleasure, and make life more colorful.

Future trend of perspective installation

With the continuous openness of people’s concepts, see -through outfits have become a fashion trend, and market demand for perspective installations will continue to increase in the future.At the same time, with the continuous upgrading of material technology, the design and use of see -through outfits will also become more and more diverse and innovative, bringing more imagination and stimulation to people.


Perspective installation is a special sexual product that can bring a different sex experience.When choosing, consider your body and choose the style that suits you, and pay attention to maintenance and cleaning.Perspective installation is not only a sexual product, but also a means of self -expression and emotional expression of women.With the development of the market and the upgrading of material technology in the future, the market demand for see -through outfits will continue to increase.