Sexy lingerie outdoor film and television

Sexy lingerie outdoor film and television


In outdoor film and television activities, sexy underwear plays an indispensable role.Not only inspire people’s emotions, but also enhance the artistic appeal of film and television works.Then, the following are the application scenarios and precautions of some sexy underwear in outdoor film and television.

Scene 1: Love film

In love movies, sexy underwear is often used as an emotional expression.It is recommended to choose high -level sexy underwear with elegant temperament and lace modification to show women’s softness and charming.But be careful not to be too exposed, maintaining the restrained temperament is the most beautiful.

Scene 2: Action film

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In action movies, sexy underwear is often used as a must -have equipment for female agents or confidential girls to outline women’s strength and majesty.It is recommended to choose a tight and close -fitting sexy underwear to show the grace of women to the fullest.

Scene 3: Suspense Film

In suspense films, sexy underwear is often used as a performance of women’s psychological state.It is recommended to choose mysterious black or dark red sexy underwear, plus the decoration of lace or mesh, which can enhance the mystery of women, which makes it difficult to guess what you think.

Scene 4: Comedy film

In comedy films, sexy underwear is often used as a catalyst of the plot.It is recommended to choose the cute, cartoon anime or solid color casual sexy underwear, increase fun and cute, and bring joy to the audience.

Scene 5: Youth Film

In youth films, sexy underwear is often used as a sign of growth and transformation.It is recommended to choose a bright and simple -style sexy underwear, emphasizing the self -confidence and beauty of youth women.

Note 1: To meet the characteristics of the character

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must meet the characteristics of the character and not be out of the film theme.Otherwise, it will destroy the image of the character and affect the artistic effect of the entire film.


Note 2: To be comfortable

When making a video, make sure that female actors are comfortable to wear.Fun underwear should be used with comfortable and breathable fabrics to avoid affecting the actor’s performance effect and physical health.

Note 3: Consider the shooting environment

When shooting sexy underwear outdoors, consider shooting the environment and atmosphere.For example, if the shooting venue is darker, sexy underwear should choose bright styles, which is easier to shoot out.

Note 4: Pay attention to protection

During the shooting, we must pay attention to the protection of female actors.The choice of erotic underwear must have a moral bottom line, not to hurt the image and dignity of the actor.


In outdoor film and television, sexy underwear can be used as a means of expression, which can better show women’s softness and strength.When choosing and using, we must consider character setting, comfort, shooting environment and moral bottom line in order to better play its artistic value.