Sexy underwear and underwear open stall

Sexy underwear and underwear open stall

What is sexy underwear and panties?

Fun underwear and panties are opened in the design of underwear or underwear design. They are usually located in the d -font or near the private parts, which are used to enhance the visual effects and more convenient sex experience.Open crotch underwear and butterfly pants are the most common design.

Sexy, applicable object

The design of the panties enhances the sexy of sexy underwear and allows women to better show their charm.However, it should be reminded that the panties are not suitable for everyone.Different body and character will affect the applicability and need more comprehensive consideration.

How to choose the right sexy underwear and panties to open the file?

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When choosing sexy underwear and panties, in addition to considering comfort and design style, you also need to consider your own needs.Although the opening of the underwear can make people more conveniently perform sexual sex, we need to weigh in actual use.

Classification of open panties

There are three common open -stall underwear designs: front open crotch, rear open crotch and side opening.Among them, the front open crotch is suitable for oral sex, masturbation and advanced, and the rear open crotch is suitable for the backward type, while the side open crotch is usually used as auxiliary functions.

Butterfly pants

Butterfly pants are common open crotch underwear, suitable for more convenient sex experience.Compared with other stall underwear, the design of butterfly pants is more concise, which is more suitable for beginners or people who do not want too much fancy.

The reason for the panties to open the gear

Many people like the design of sexy underwear and underwear. The main reason is that this underwear with a top is more free than full -body sex clothes.In addition, the design of the panties also enhances the sex experience, which can better meet the needs of lovers to communicate.

Underwear opening and hygiene issues

Compared with traditional underwear, the hygiene of the underwear needs more attention.Especially during use, pay attention to replacement and keep the private parts clean in time.In addition, it is necessary to remind you not to use underwear in an unsafe environment to ensure the safety and health of yourself and your partner.


Evaluation of panties

Although the opening of the underwear has a good effect in terms of sexual needs, it is necessary to choose the type of underwear that suits you according to different needs.In addition, for the design of the underwear, you also need to pay attention to hygiene issues and the appropriateness of the shirt to better meet the needs of visual effects and performance.

Fashion trend and opening underwear

With the continuous changes in fashion trends, the opening and improvement of sexy underwear and underwear.In addition to the traditional front -open and rear open crotch, there are also a variety of creative opening underwear designs, such as V -shaped files and so on.These designs provide more choices and in -depth experiences for wearers.

What should I pay attention to when using the opening underwear?

In addition to cleaning and paying attention to hygiene in time, you also need to pay attention to the sexy effects of opening underwear.This underwear needs to be matched with other sexy underwear, and different design and styles have different supporting effects.Different choices are required according to personal needs and occasions.


The opening gear of sexy underwear and underwear can meet different needs in terms of visual effects and performance, but it is necessary to comprehensively consider according to their body, personality, occasion and use needs.At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene issues and the matching effects with other clothing in order to better play its role.