Sexy underwear avoids love and fat sister

Sexy underwear avoids love and fat sister

The predicament of the fat sister

For many fat sisters, sexy underwear is not always so comfortable and suitable.The following dilemma often occurs:

Underwear is easy to strangle fat, resulting in discomfort or even pain

Underwear is not easy to buy, many styles and styles are not suitable for the figure of fat sisters

Underwear is easy to fall off in exercise and activities, especially when you don’t wear a shirt

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Free design is the way to solve

For these problems, the design of sexy underwear has emerged.It adopts a shoulder -free and strap design, making the underwear more comfortable, not fat, and more convenient for exercise and activities.Even if you don’t wear a shirt, underwear will not fall off.

Precautions for style selection

When choosing to avoid sexual underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Choose the right size, don’t be too tight or too large, keep comfortable and avoid falling off the problem

Choose the right color and style, some colors and styles can make the body more slender, and some are not suitable for the figure of the fat sister

You can choose a style with abdomen effect, making the figure more typical and more beautiful

Sexy and comfort coexist

Compared to traditional sexy underwear, free sexy underwear is not only more comfortable, but also sexy and charm.Using suitable materials, design and craftsmanship can show the unique sexy and charm of fat sisters.


Importance of accessories

In addition to the quality and effect of the underwear itself, pay attention to the selection and matching of accessories.The details on the underwear, such as lace, lace, beads, etc., can highlight the body.

Sanitary maintenance points

Removing erotic underwear needs to be maintained like ordinary underwear, replace, clean and disinfect, and maintain hygiene.At the same time, avoid using too irritating cleaning agents to avoid damaging materials.

Sending underwear crowd distribution

The target crowd of sexy underwear is couples, couples, singles, etc., with the main purpose of seeking sex and entertainment.But with the changes in society and the opening of culture, more and more people have begun to accept and try sexy underwear.

Fat sister’s self -confidence and beauty

Wearing a suitable free sexy underwear, the fat sister can also show her beauty and charm.After all, beauty is not just a standard, and everyone can have their own beauty and confidence.

Brand recommendation

At present, many brands on the market have launched free -range sexy underwear, including Vixson, Cottelli Collection, Obsessive, etc.Consumers can choose the brand and style that suits them according to their needs and budgets.


Choosing a suitable sexy underwear is not a nightmare for the fat sister.Especially for free -reducing sexy underwear, let the fat sister show their beauty and charm confidently.Of course, not only a fat woman, every woman should have their own sexy and charm.Whether in life or work.