Sexy underwear drawing video

Sexy underwear drawing video

Interest underwear is a underwear designed for enhanced attractiveness.More and more women around the world are buying and using sexy underwear to improve self -confidence and attractiveness.This article will introduce the basic types of sexy underwear and how to express them in video production.

Sexy lingerie

Sexual feelings are designed for women who need to increase sexy charm.These underwear are made of high -quality materials and soft texture.Generally speaking, their materials are jumping and attracting attention.However, for some women, the structure of underwear is more important.When making a video of sexy lingerie, bold colors, fabrics and structures should be used to attract attention.

Lace sexy underwear

Lace is one of the representatives of female decorations, which is beautiful, sexy, and soft.Lace erotic underwear is more casual in terms of color and structure, and can create different color differences and patterns to increase women’s sexy temperament.The producer should pay special attention to texture and fabrics so that your videos can show the softness and sexy of lace sexy underwear.

Stockings sexy underwear

Stockings erotic underwear combines two elements: underwear and stockings.Silk satin and gauze nets are common fabrics, and their texture and fabrics have changed a lot.The focus of stockings in stockings is how to present their texture and texture.Proper lens switching, especially close -up lenses can highlight these elements.

Front buckle sexy underwear

The front buckle sexy underwear is more convenient for women to wear and take off than the rear buckle.However, this sexy underwear is more difficult.In the video, in order to highlight the characteristics of this sexy underwear, it should focus on lens switching and shooting different angles to display its internal structure and appearance.

Stomato sexy sheets

Funny underwear is usually made of transparent fabric, which can show women’s abdominal lines and sexy temperament.When making a video, you can take the side angle or add lens space to the chest to show its different designs.

Vest sexy underwear

Vest -style sexy underwear is often equipped with transparent or translucent straps, and rarely has a rear buckle design to facilitate penetration and off.The focus of this underwear is to present its highlights-the design of the strap.Some specially designed models can be equipped with bright bands.

Barcoves sexy underwear

Belt and sexy underwear is designed for women who are seeking excitement.Broken straps can bundle different parts of women’s bodies and pursue sexy and exciting visually.When making videos, you should pay attention to expressing the stimulus and tension of this underwear, and at the same time show the practicality of straps.

Open sexy underwear

Open sexy underwear includes sleeveless, tongue compression, off -the -shoulder type, etc.They have an open design on their chests or underaries without worrying about the problem of restraint.In the video, show the charm of open underwear from different angles and close -up shooting.


Sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear, which has a high visual composition.When making a video of sexy underwear, it should be cut in from the perspective of color, cloth and structure to highlight their characteristics.In addition, in the process of shooting, you should also pay attention to lens switching, angle and photography technology to create a visual attractive video content.

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