Sexy underwear exposed milk open crotch three -piece suit

Sexy underwear exposed milk open crotch three -piece suit

What is a three -piece three -piece set of sexy lingerie, open crotch type?

Interest underwear is a sexy and specially designed underwear, which is often used to increase the interest and sexual interest between husband and wife.The open -crotch -type three -piece suit refers to a three -piece underwear, which is composed of jackets, T -shaped pants and socks.Silk, lace, fish net and other materials are made of sex games or fun play.

The origin of the open milk open crotch type three -piece suit

The origin of the open crotch -type three -piece suit is not clear.Some studies have proven that in the early 18th century, noble women in France added stockings and lace to underwear, and used tops exposed to breasts to attract men’s attention.The open -crotch -type three -piece suit was not popular at the time, but it was only used in private occasions in elite society.

The design of the three -piece three -piece set of open milk open crotch

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The open -crotch -type three -piece suit is a sexy and unique underwear. Its design is to show the sexy and beauty of women.It has vertical thin shoulder straps, low -cut exposed milk tops, open crotch parts, and various materials and color choices.In addition, this underwear is generally encrypted in the position of the chest and lower body (usually below the navel). Some special weaving and patterns are used in these parts to make women look more sexy.

The material of the open -milk open crotch type three -piece suit

There are many production materials for open milk open crotch, including silk, lace, and fish nets.Silk and lace are the most commonly used materials. They feel soft and comfortable. They are more suitable for physical contact. At the same time, they are not easy to stimulate the skin, exuding an elegant atmosphere.The fish net material is good for it, especially suitable for summer wear, and there are some challenges.

How to choose a three -piece open crotch -style three -piece suit that suits you

To choose a three -piece open -crotch -style open crotch -style open crotch, you need to fully consider your body characteristics, wear occasions and your own comfort.For women with full figure, you can choose a dew -milk top with thickened pads, so as to highlight your chest lines; for women with thinner figures, choose exquisite lingerie in patterns and jewelry to increase visual plump plumpfeel.In addition, getting your own body size, paying attention to texture and fabrics are very critical purchase factors.

How to match the open milk open crotch three -piece suit

The open -crotch -type three -piece suit can be paired with a variety of different clothing, such as short skirts, mysterious charming tight corsets, black high heels, etc.In addition, in terms of accessories, you can choose some small objects such as jewelry, feather jewelry, gloves, etc. to achieve the purpose of enhancing interest.


When using sexy lingerie, open crotch -type three -piece set, you need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear. It is recommended to wash, dry or dry it with hand to avoid wear and damage.In addition, it is necessary to avoid stimulation and excessive twists and turns during use, otherwise it will easily damage the ingredients and reduce the overall quality.



All in all, sexy lingerie open crotch -type three -piece three -piece suit is a sexy, special underwear, which can be used to increase the taste and sexual interest between husband and wife.Choose a underwear that is suitable for you, with suitable clothing and small objects, will make you more charming and sexy, and enhance your confidence and charm.