Sexy underwear open crotch map

Sexy underwear open crotch map

Understand the type of love underwear opening

The sexy underwear design is clever, one of which is the open crotch.Open crotch sexy underwear makes sex games more interesting and convenient.There are many open -crotch sex lingerie styles, some of which are small, and some are very bold, willful, and sexy.Open crotch sex lingerie types can be divided into the following categories:

Open a sprouts in front

There are two fronts and lattice opening in sexy underwear.The design of the sexy underwear is more suitable for sex games, and the design of the opening is more suitable for long -term wear.If you want to enhance the stimulus of sex games, a good choice when you open the sexy underwear in the front.

Side -opening sexy underwear and centrally sprouting underwear

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In addition, there are two styles: side opening and central opening in sexy underwear.The central opening design is more exposed, revealing a sexy atmosphere.The side -in -side erotic underwear is more cautious, suitable for people who try the first trial of sex games.

Dew butt sexy underwear

Dew butt sexy underwear has also become the favorite of enthusiasts.This underwear design is often designed with conjoined or V, and naked hips are exposed to make women more sexy.

T -shaped pants sexy underwear

Tuto pants are also a very sexy sexy underwear type.The biggest feature of the dotted pants and the sexy underwear is usually a ribbon in the hips. The shape is like a "T". It is exposed to most of the hips and sexy.

The changeable ropes of the design of the rope opens the sexy underwear

In the sex game, the ropes’ mouthful of sexy underwear also impressed people.Rope design can make sexy underwear more diverse and more personalized.More bold and more interesting enthusiasts can choose sexy underwear of rope opening.

Fantastic lace cheeky lingerie

Lace’s mouthful of sexy underwear is also a very popular style.The lace material is soft and has good breathability, and the lace pattern can make women more sexy.Lace has a very rich style of lingerie. Some design has multiple openings, allowing people to choose freely and enhance the fun of sex games.

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Open the crotch in the crotch of the jeans

If you are a love enthusiast who likes unique taste, then opening crotch underwear for a close -fitting jeans is a very fresh attempt.The special feature of this sexy underwear is that it uses jeans design. After putting it on, it not only looks extraordinary, but also is very suitable for the use of sex games.

Rich color printed opening sexy underwear

The stamp -opening sexy underwear is also very creative.Printing can print a variety of patterns, so that you can feel rich colors and creativity.Vibrant people can choose some tasteful printed opening sexy underwear.

Many colorful erotic underwear design

In short, the design of sexy underwear is rich and more dazzling.Whether you are the first enthusiast of sex games or senior players of sex games, you will definitely find the open crotch erotic underwear that suits you.


Different people have very different needs and preferences for sexy underwear.The above -mentioned introduction to the style of sexy underwear, I hope to provide some useful information when choosing sexy underwear, and find a sexy underwear that is best for you, so that you can play in the sex game happier and exciting!