Sexy underwear photo kimono

Sexy underwear photo kimono

The charm of sexy underwear photography kimono

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear is often used by women to show their charm and charm.In the world of sexy underwear, taking pictures is also a popular dress.In this article, let’s discuss the charm of sexy underwear photos.

What is sexy underwear photo kimono

Interesting underwear photography, as the name suggests, is to wear kimonos to shoot sex underwear.This combination of wearing a combination of traditional kimono with modern sexy underwear has formed a different visual effect.

Features of taking pictures kimono

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Photos and kimonos have their unique characteristics, first of all, the choice of sexy degree.The sexy level of photographic kimonos can be from low and high. You can choose a sexy style of different degrees according to your own needs, which can show your sexy charm without losing the temperament of the wind.

Style of taking pictures kimono

The style of taking pictures can be said to be a variety of types. From traditional classical kimono to modern kimono in recent years, and kimono with special materials, it can become a choice of sexy underwear photography.

The color of a kimono

The color of kimono is also the key to choice.Not all colors are suitable for the shooting of sexy underwear. Colors such as red, black, and white often become the first choice for everyone. These colors can better highlight the sexy and charm of sexy underwear.

Match with sexy underwear skills

If you want to maximize the effect of kimono and sexy underwear, you need a certain matching skills.The hairstyle of Hefeng, wearing jewelry, and different shoes can make the entire shooting effect more brilliant.

Choice of taking pictures

Choosing the right photo location is also the key to shooting.Traditional harmony rooms, gardens, modern high -rise buildings, neon lantern street views, etc. are all good choices.

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Pain point

You need to pay attention to some points when shooting.The first is the control of the posture. A reasonable posture can make the shooting characters more comfortable and natural. The second is the control of expressions. Smiles and eyes are the key points that need to be controlled during the shooting.

Kimono care

Kimonos need certain care. Not only do you need regular dry cleaning, but also to avoid long -term folding to avoid affecting the appearance and dressing experience of the kimono.


As a very popular sexy underwear dress, taking pictures and kimonos has unique colors and charm.You need to be cautious when choosing and using, but as long as you master the skills, you can perform it more brilliantly.