Sexy underwear see -through hand tear

Sexy underwear see -through hand tear

Sexy underwear see -through hand tear

Sexy underwear is one of the essential items for modern women. It can highlight the body curve of women, regulate emotions, and increase interest.Perspective and hand -tear are two classic styles. They make underwear more sexy and become the sought after by many women.This article will introduce the perspective and hand -tear style in sexy underwear, as well as how to choose and maintain them.


Performing sexy underwear is a style that uses transparent or translucent materials to show the female body curve.Permaneous styles can be divided into three types.

1. Fully perspective: made of transparent materials completely, which makes people look at it;

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2. Semi -perspective: Partial use of transparent materials, more subtle;

3. Invisible perspective: Adopt transparent materials similar to skin tone, which has extremely high concealment.

Perfecting sexy underwear has a variety of shapes, which can be bras, pantyhose and jackets.Among them, perspective bras are the most common, and it can be divided into three types.

1. Perspective cup: The cup uses transparent materials to show the breast curve;

2. Perspective sticker: Add a cup on the side of the bra to make the chest better support, wrap the transparent material outside;

3. Performance Triangle Cup: The triangular cup with transparent material is connected to the chest strap, wrap the chest in the transparent material.

Hand -tear style

Hand -tearing sex underwear is to destroy the appearance of the underwear by hand, creating the passion and mystery of friction and friction.Hand -tear sex underwear can be divided into two types.

1. Tear the corner of the hand: tear the bottom or side of the underwear, expose a part of the skin, and show sexy;

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2. Hand to tear holes: Put holes in the lingerie chest, waist and other positions to increase sexy atmosphere.

Choose and maintain

When choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to the following points.

1. Your own figure: Different styles are suitable for different figures, you need to choose a style that is suitable for your body;

2. Scenes: You can choose different styles, such as family life, interesting life, and party;

3. Maintenance: The underwear material is detailed and sensitive. Special washing solution should be used to avoid harmful substances such as bleach, alcohol and strong acid.


Sexy underwear is a symbol of sexy women. Perspective and hand -tear styles have become one of the hottest styles in the underwear market.Pay attention to some details in choosing and maintenance. Specifically, specific adjustments need to be made according to your body and occasions.